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Onion harvester - Haulm topper | OT-series

Haulm separation before windrowing, one to three up to 225 cm wide beds

The ASA-LIFT OT series offers efficient topping of onions before windrowing. The OT series accomodates machines for 150, 180, 200 and 225 cm bed widths. Three sets of rotating knives lift the leaves, cut off the tops and disposes the cut tops to the side Into the track of the wheel. The four hydraulically adjustable support wheels ensure the correct cutting height. Mechanically driven machine from the tractor PTO shaft. A 3-bed machine providing a high capacity due to its ability to process three beds during one passage is also available.

Shield places disposal in track of OT wheels

Automatic height shoes senses and adjust height of OT

Make adjustments to height-control with electrical controlbox

Easy access to knife-drive for maintenance


  • Renewed 2019 topper
  • 150-225 cm track width
  • 170-225 cm topping width
  • PTO shaft with slip clutch 6 splines
  • 4 hydraulic regulated wheels 600 x 9

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • 2 rotating intake disks
  • Automatic depth control
  • Road light kit
  • Wheelguard

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