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Self-propelled harvester - 30 t bunker |

Gentle digging without fractures of the root tips

The hydraulically driven Oppel wheel lifts the crop out of the ground in an extremely gentle way and with minimal earth build-up. 

Harvesting the whole beet

The result of defoliation with a FM is a completely leaf-free beet head without scalping the crop.

Relief for the driver and highest crop protection

Speedtronic is an automatic speed control of the cleaning turbines and the ring elevator for adaptation to the respective harvesting conditions.This leads to an improved crop protection, higher output and reduced control efforts for the driver.

Up to 25 % more throughput

The unique ring elevator with its deep pocket design leads -at constant speed- to an increased throughput and improved, gentle handling of the crop.

Excellent visibility during bunker unloading

With the optimized bunker shape, the driver has a perfect view of bunker unloading web.

The customer portal myGRIMME

MyGRIMME offers various modules such as a powerful order management, an intuitive web shop, a map view and other functionalities such as a machine overview, so-called "geofencing" and a link to the data exchange platform agrirouter. 

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


Technical data

6830-060 REXOR 630

Length 15600 mm
Width 3000 / 3300 mm
Height 4000 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration 34000 kg
Working width  
Row width 45 / 48 / 50 cm
Number of rows 6
Digging unit Oppel wheels x
Digging unit walking shares (option) x
Lateral mobility Oppel wheels +/- 40+/- 40 mm
Shift of digging unit - Oppel wheel +/- 150 mm
Shift of digging unit - walking share +/- 200 mm
Cleaning unit  
Diameter 1st turbine 1700 mm
Diameter 2nd and 3rd turbine 1500 mm
Cleaning surface 11 m²
Transport web clearance 500 mm
Transport web pitch 50 mm
Transport web pitch (option) 60 mm
1st cleaning turbine pitch 50 mm
2nd and 3rd cleaning turbine pitch 47 mm
Ring elevator  
Ring elevator width 900 mm
Capacity 45 m³
Unloading web width 1800 mm
Unloading elevator  
Transfer height 4000 mm
Number of wheels 6
Front Michelin IF 800/70 R38 CEREXBIB
Centre Michelin 1000/55 R32 CEREXBIB
rear Michelin 900/60 R32 CEREXBIB
Steering angle  
Front +/- 10 °
Centre +/- 20 °
Rear +/- 32 °
Articulated joint +/- 35 °
Inner turning radius 7,50 m
Chassis and engine  
Transport speed (option) 20 (25, 32, 40) km/h
Motor power 480/653 kW/HP
Fuel tank capacity 1300 l
AdBlue tank capacity 95 l
Hydrostatic drive x

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