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Self-propelled harvester - 4-row | VARITRON 470 TERRA TRAC

4-row, 7 t bunker, NonstopBunker, high separation performance , rubber tracks

Self-propelled harvesters excel with the perfectly matched combination of performance, driving comfort and manoeuvrability. The resulting harvest reliability, even under the most difficult conditions, plays a decisive role in many cases. With its VARITRON 470 TERRA TRAC, GRIMME offers a powerful 4-row self-propelled harvester on rubber tracks, which can be equipped with a wide range of different separators. The 7 ton bunker is used the whole time with effective capacity thanks to the rotating bunker web. Using the rubber tracks, a maximum driving stability and safety is achieved, even under adverse and humid soil conditions.The connection to myGRIMME facilitates the storage and retrieval of machine data and task data. And, thanks to the SmartView video system, you always have an overview of the most important machine functions.

Good overview and low maintenance costs.

The intake web and first main web are designed as webs at full width over 4 rows. This prevents blockages and provides a good overview of the entire intake. In addition, this minimises the maintenance effort and increases the ease of servicing.

Intuitive Operating Concept

The unique ErgoDrive operating concept provides the basis for a convenient workplace. For satisfied work: A multi-functional joystick and keypad which is located in the ergonomic armrest, both with the possibility of individual programming of all main functions are integrated to fulfil all the requirments of the driver.


The unique and patented 7 t NonstopBunker allows a complete refilling of the bunker after unloading with maximum crop protection. The continuous, very rapid overloading enables an increase in harvest performance of up to 30% compared to harvesters with conventional standard bunkers.

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  • Digging unit
    • TerraControl: Digging depth adjustment, which ensures also in changing conditions an optimum sieving output and high gentle crop handling at the same time.
    • TerraDisc: Digging with driven disc coulter and without diablo roller (therefore no additional soil compaction) and depth control via skids.
  • High acreage performance and separating effect.
    • Unique variety of various separators, such as Double-MultiSep or Roller Separator, Vario-RS or fine haulm elevator for an optimum adaption to individual digging conditions and maximum performance of separation.
    • The full width main web channel reduces the risk of blockages, improves the distribution of the crop, enhances easy maintenance and gives a clear view to control the digging process (only one camera per main web section is necessary).
  • Due to the external frame there is no division of the crop flow necessary in the area of the rear axle
    • To remove and to prevent any blockage, all main webs, the fine haulm elevator and the ring elevator can be individually and conveniently reversed from the operator cab.
    • The MultiSep performs also on cloddy, sticky soils and soils containing small stones a low-loss and effective trash separation.
    • Thanks to its patented design of bunker web, the NonstopBunker always offers a large effective capacity. Furthermore it is significantly more gentle than traditional systems.
  • Chassis
    • The steering angle at the front axle is 63°, at the rear axle up to 15°, ideal preconditions for speedy turning manoeuvres on the headlands.
    • The ground protective rubber tracks allow good harvesting also in wet fields.
  • Perfectly comfortable
    • Relaxed working thanks to noise-insulated cab, premium driver's seat with extra-high backrest and headrest, maximum suspension comfort, seat heating and air-conditioning system and powerful LED lighting system
    • Speedtronic-Web: Completely automatic speed control of the main webs depending on the driving speed and the load on the main webs.
    • Speedtronic-Elevator: Automatic speed control of the elevator, based on the filling level with crop for maximum crop protection
    • MemoryControl: For saving and "re-use" of specific harvest parameters
    • ErgoDrive operating concept: Intuitive, clearly structured user interface with easy-to-understand symbols on the CCI 1200 operator terminal. In combination with a multi-functional lever and a keypad which are integrated into an ergonomic armrest, both with the possibility of individual programming of all main functions to the first operator level - for direct access to all important features of the machine.
    • SmartView: The video system includes a 12 inch touch screen with the feature to zoom-in, live slow motion, live image transmission via WiFi, Visual Protect PRO and the possibility to record the displayed image.
    • Visual Protect PRO: Automatically, simultaneous switch-on of several cameras, where a new adjustment was carried out or a critical situation has been noticed (risk of a separator blockage e.g.), so that the driver can react and prevent further blockages or damages of the machine.
    • SideView: The video monitoring system, which provides a real display of the whole machine surrounding without any blind spots

Images / video clips


You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Pulled diablo roller intake unit with TerraControl
  • Row width 75 cm
  • TerraControl: Automatic ridge pressure regulation and depth control
  • Intake web, 1st main web and 2nd main web hydraulically driven with independent speed adjustment
  • Intake web, first and second main web, fine haulm elevator and ring elevator are reversible
  • Hydraulically driven and speed adjustable rocker agitator in 1st main web
  • Hydraulically driven 1st extracting unit with automatic reversing
  • 1200 mm wide ring elevator with canvas
  • Speedtronic-Elevator: Fully automatic speed control of the elevator, depending on its load
  • NonstopBunker: 7.0 tons unloading bunker with reversing bunker floor
  • Bunker chain greasing system
  • Two steerable front wheels 270 / 95 R 54 with hydraulic side shift +/- 100 mm, steering angle +/- 63°
  • Rear rubber tracks 800 mm wide, 15° steering angle
  • Hydrostatic single wheel drive with on - demand traction control (ASR)
  • Mercedes-Benz (MTU) engine OM 470 LA: 340 kW / 460 HP stage V, using SCR exhaust technology (AdBlue)
  • Driver cab with 6 LED-working lights, heated and electrical adjustable mirrors and windshield wipers on all windows.
  • Compressor
  • Premium comfort cab: Includes leather seat, active seat ventilation and seat heating, Climatronic, pneumatically folding mirrors, an audio system which is prepared for Bluetooth mobile telephone system, windshield wipers and sun visor.
  • ErgoDrive operating concept with multi-functional lever (= individual configuration of all main functions to the first operator level for direct access), keypad integrated into an ergonomic armrest and one touch-screen terminal type CCI 1200.
  • MemoryControl: For saving and "re-use" of specific harvest parameters
  • Camera package SmartView BASIC including 8 cameras, integrated zoom, live slow motion, live image transmission via WLAN, 12 inch touch screen monitor and Visual Protect Pro
  • SideView: The video monitoring system, which provides a real display of the whole machine surrounding without any blind spots at the rear side of the machine
  • Telemetric-unit called "GRIMME SmartConnect", as standard, with free connectivity to myGRIMME

Technical data


Length 12740 - 15615 mm
Width at row width 75 cm 3490 mm
Width at row width 90 cm 3855 mm
Height 4000 mm
Permitted total weight 30500 kg
Front axle load 7000 kg
Rear axle load 24000 kg
Main webs  
Width of intake web, row width 75 cm 2970 mm
Width of intake web, row width 90 cm 3600 mm
Sieving area of intake web, row width 75 cm 4,1 m²
Sieving area of intake web, row width 90 cm 4,7 m²
Sieving area of 1st main web, row width 75 cm 5,9 m²
Sieving area of 1st main web, row width 90 cm 6,5 m²
2nd main web sieving area 6,9 m²
Intake web pitch (choice of) 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 mm
1st main web pitch (choice) 28 / 32 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 mm
2nd main web pitch (choice) 28 / 32 / 35 / 40 / 45 mm
Ring elevator transport width 1200 mm
Capacity 7000 kg
Unloading height 4350 mm
Front wheels at 75 cm row width 2x 270/95 R54
Front wheels at 90 cm row width 2x 300/95 R52
Rubber track rear (B x L) 800 x 2960 mm x mm
Contact length 2000 mm
Steering angle  
Front 63 °
Rear 15 °
Chassis and engine  
Transport speed 20 / 25 km/h
Engine output power with emission stage V 340 / 460 kW/HP
Engine output power with emission stage IIIA 320 / 435 kW/HP
Fuel tank capacity 600 l
AdBlue tank capacity 40 l
Automotive drive with speed adjustment x
Levelling at slopes 5 °

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