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Self-propelled harvester - 2-row | VARITRON 270 Platinum TERRA TRAC

2-row, 7 t bunker, NonstopBunker, high separation, rubber tracks, 354 HP

Self-propelled harvesters convince with a perfectly matched combination of performance, driving comfort and manoeuvrability. The resulting harvest reliability, even under the most difficult conditions, plays a decisive role in many cases. With its VARITRON 270 Platinum TERRA TRAC, GRIMME offers a powerful 2-row self-propelled harvester with rubber track, which can be equipped with a wide range of different separators. The 7 ton bunker is used the whole time with effective capacity thanks to the rotating bunker web. The telescopic rear axle allows the right rear wheel to be extended by impressive 550 mm. In combination with the rubber track, driving stability and safety reach their absolute maximum.

Auto pilot to reduce strain on the driver

The autopilot takes the strain off the driver, enabling optimum harvesting results to be achieved even on long working days.

Nonstop digging

The 7 ton NonstopBunker with reversing bunker floor enables real non-stop harvesting. The productivity of the harvester can thus be increased.

Rubber tracks for protection against ground compaction, fitted rear l/h-side

With its contact area of 1.6 m², the soil-protecting CLAAS TERRA TRAC, which is fitted rear l/h side, the rubber track ensures a reliable and safe harvest even in adverse and wet soil conditions. The telescopic wheel, which is fitted rear r/h side, ensures highest driving stability and safety.

Comfort Cab with premium comfort seat

The new low-noise ErgoDrive cab with the air-suspended comfort seat including active ventilation and seat heating ensures a comfortable working day.

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  • Digging unit
    • TerraControl: Digging depth adjustment, which ensures also in changing conditions an optimum sieving output and high gentle crop handling at the same time.
    • TerraDisc: Digging with driven disc coulters and without diablo roller (therefore no additional soil compaction) and depth control via skids.
  • High acreage performance and separating effect.
    • With the reverse system, the intake web as well as the first and the second main web are independently reversible to minimize the risk of blockages.
    • The MultiSep performs also on cloddy, sticky soils and soils containing small stones a low-loss and effective trash separation.
    • OptiBags with high resistant polyurethane in the ring elevator create an additional cleaning area and ensures gentle crop transport at the same time.
    • Thanks to its patented design of bunker web, the NonstopBunker always offers a large effective capacity. Furthermore it is significantly more gentle than traditional systems.
  • Chassis
    • With an inner turning circle of only 5.3 m the machine is the most manoeuvrable 2-row self-propelled harvester on the market.
    • In combination with the telescoping rear axle for the first time a machine width under 3.5 m is realizable in conjunction with narrow wheels (option) and row width 75 cm.
    • The ground protective rubber tracks allow good harvesting also in wet fields.
  • Perfectly comfortable
    • Speedtronic-Web: Completely automatic speed control of the main webs depending on the driving speed.
    • Speedtronic-Elevator: Fully automatic speed control of the elevator, depending on its load
    • ErgoDrive operating concept with multi-functional lever (= individual programming of all main functions to the first operator level for direct access), keypad integrated into an ergonomic armrest, one touch-screen terminal CCI 100 and one touch-screen terminal CCI 50. As an option two touch-screen terminals CCI 100 can be configured.
    • Visual Protect automatically switches to that camera, where a new adjustment was carried out or a critical situation has been noticed (risk of a separator blockage e.g.), so the driver can react and prevent further blockages.

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Offset pulled intake section with 4 pulled, spring loaded disc coulters, intake width of 540, 580 or 620 mm.
  • TerraControl
  • Row width 75 cm
  • 2-piece share or 3-piece share
  • 2 diablo roller Ø 390 mm with flat shoulder
  • 2 outer haulm feed in rollers and centre retaining rubber
  • Intake web pitch: 35, 40, 45 or 50 mm pitch
  • Pitch dependent PU drive of the intake web
  • 1st main web pitch: 28, 32, 35, 40, 45 or 50 mm pitch
  • Pitch independent friction drive of the 1nd main web
  • Speed adjustment of the hydraulically driven rocker agitator in the 1st main web, adjustable from the operator terminal
    • hydraulically driven and reversible extracting unit following the 1st main web
  • 2nd main web pitch: 28, 32 35, 40 or 45 mm pitch
  • Pitch independent friction drive of the 2nd main web
  • Cart elevator transfer web with steel bars
  • 900 mm wide ring elevator with canvas
  • 1100 mm wide picking table
  • One-sided fitted platform, r/h side, with space for up to 2 persons
  • 6 distributor rollers enables even picking web filling
  • NonstopBunker: 7000 kg unloading bunker with reversing bunker floor and three times lowerable unloading elevator
  • Bunker web with canvas
  • Bunker chain greasing system
  • Mercedes-Benz (MTU) engine OM 936 LA: 260 kW / 354 HP stage V, using SCR exhaust technology (AdBlue)
  • Speed 20 kmph or 25 kmph
  • Off-set turning table at the front
  • 900/60 R32 front wheels
  • Wheels rear, r/h-side 800/65 R32
  • Extendable right rear wheel for maximum driving stability
  • Rubber track rear l/h-side 800 mm wide
  • Hydraulic levelling
  • Hydrostatic single wheel drive with on - demand traction control (ASR)
  • Driver cab with 6 LED working lights, heating, air-conditioning, outside mirror heated, electrical adjustable and pneumatically foldable
  • Compressor
  • ErgoDrive operating concept with multi-functional lever (= individual configuration of all main functions to the first operator level for direct access), keypad integrated into an ergonomic armrest, one touch-screen terminal CCI 100 and one touch-screen terminal CCI 50
  • Clean Control: For saving and "re-use" of specific harvest parameters
  • 1 colour monitor incl. rear camera and light
  • Visual Protect: CAN-Bus controlled monitoring system
  • Telemetric-unit called "GRIMME SmartConnect", as standard, with free connectivity to myGRIMME

Technical data


Length 11700 - 13120 mm
Width 3300 - 4023 mm
Height 3880 mm
Working width  
Row width 75 - 90 cm
Intake width 540 / 580 / 620 mm
Main webs  
Intake web width 1500 mm
1st main web width 1700 mm
2nd main web width 1700 mm
Sieving area intake web 2,9 m²
1st main web sieving area 3,4 m²
2nd main web sieving area 4,9 m²
Intake web pitch (choice of) 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 mm
1st main web pitch (choice) 28 / 32 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 mm
2nd main web pitch (choice) 28 / 32 / 35 / 40 / 45 mm
Picking table  
Width 1100 mm
Ring elevator  
Ring elevator width 900 mm
Capacity 7000 kg
Unloading height 4050 mm
Front 900/60 R32
Rear right 800/65 R32
Number of rubber tracks 1
Rubber track rear (B x L) 800 x 2960 mm x mm
Contact length 2000 mm
Steering angle  
Front left 65 °
Front right 70 °
Rear 7 °
Inner turning radius 5,3 m
Chassis and engine  
Transport speed 20 / 25 km/h
Motor power 260 / 354 kW/HP
Fuel tank capacity 600 l
AdBlue tank capacity 40 l

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