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Self-propelled harvester - 2-row | VARITRON 270 Platinum

2-row, 7 t NonstopBunker, high separation, wheels, 354 HP

Self-propelled harvesters convince with a perfectly matched combination of performance, driving comfort and manoeuvrability. The resulting harvest reliability, even under the most difficult conditions, plays a decisive role in many cases. With its VARITRON 270 Platinum, GRIMME offers a powerful 2-row self-propelled harvester, which can be equipped with a wide range of different separators. The VARITRON 270 Platinum achieves a high degree of manoeuvrability thanks to its wheel chassis, which is fitted as standard with large-volume tyres that are extremely soil protecting. The 7 ton bunker is used the whole time with effective capacity thanks to the rotating bunker web. A large number of automatic features for the harvesting process, which can all be conveniently controlled from the cabin, ensure a maximum working and driving comfort.

Auto pilot to reduce strain on the driver

NonstopBunker bunker with reversing bunker floor for real non-stop digging

Wheel rear l/h side 900/60 R32 as standard

Ergonomic control desk ErgoDrive

The customer portal myGRIMME

MyGRIMME offers various modules such as a powerful order management, an intuitive web shop, a map view and other functionalities such as a machine overview, so-called "geofencing" and a link to the data exchange platform agrirouter. 


  • Digging unit
    • TerraControl: Digging depth adjustment, which ensures also in changing conditions an optimum sieving output and high gentle crop handling at the same time.
    • TerraDisc: Digging with driven disc coulters and without diablo roller (therefore no additional soil compaction) and depth control via skids.
  • High acreage performance and separating effect.
    • With the reverse system, the intake web as well as the first and the second main web are independently reversible to minimize the risk of blockages.
    • The MultiSep performs also on cloddy, sticky soils and soils containing small stones a low-loss and effective trash separation.
    • OptiBags with high resistant polyurethane in the ring elevator create an additional cleaning area and ensures gentle crop transport at the same time.
    • Thanks to its patented design of bunker web, the NonstopBunker always offers a large effective capacity. Furthermore it is significantly more gentle than traditional systems.
  • Chassis
  • Ground protection via large volume wheels
    • Narrow wheels r/h-side are available as an option
  • Perfectly comfortable
    • Speedtronic-Web: Completely automatic speed control of the main webs depending on the driving speed.
    • Speedtronic-Elevator: Fully automatic speed control of the elevator, depending on its load
    • ErgoDrive operating concept with multi-functional lever (= individual programming of all main functions to the first operator level for direct access), keypad integrated into an ergonomic armrest, one touch-screen terminal CCI 100 and one touch-screen terminal CCI 50.
    • Visual Protect automatically switches to that camera, where a new adjustment was carried out or a critical situation has been noticed (risk of a separator blockage e.g.), so the driver can react and prevent further blockages.

Images / video clips


You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Offset pulled intake section with 4 pulled, spring loaded disc coulters, intake width of 540, 580 or 620 mm.
  • TerraControl
  • Row width 75 cm
  • 2-piece share or 3-piece share
  • 2 diablo roller Ø 390 mm with flat shoulder
  • 2 outer haulm feed in rollers and centre retaining rubber
  • Intake web pitch: 35, 40, 45 or 50 mm pitch
  • Pitch dependent PU drive of the intake web
  • 1st main web pitch: 28, 32, 35, 40, 45 or 50 mm pitch
  • Pitch independent friction drive of the 1nd main web
  • Speed adjustment of the hydraulically driven rocker agitator in the 1st main web, adjustable from the operator terminal
  • Extracting roller against 1st main web
  • 2nd main web pitch: 28, 32 35, 40 or 45 mm pitch
  • Pitch independent friction drive of the 2nd main web
  • Cart elevator transfer web with steel bars
  • 900 mm wide ring elevator with canvas
  • 1100 mm wide picking table
  • One-sided fitted platform, r/h side, with space for up to 2 persons
  • 6 distributor rollers enables even picking web filling
  • NonstopBunker: 7000 kg unloading bunker with reversing bunker floor and three times lowerable unloading elevator
  • Bunker web with canvas
  • Bunker chain greasing system
  • Mercedes-Benz (MTU) engine OM 936 LA: 260 kW / 354 HP stage V, using SCR exhaust technology (AdBlue)
  • Speed 20 kmph or 25 kmph
  • Off-set turning table at the front
  • 900/60 R32 front wheels
  • Wheels rear, r/h-side 800/65 R32
  • 900 / 65 R32 wheel rear l/h-side
  • Hydraulic levelling
  • Hydrostatic single wheel drive with on - demand traction control (ASR)
  • Driver cab with 6 LED working lights, heating, air-conditioning, outside mirror heated, electrical adjustable and pneumatically foldable
  • Compressor
  • ErgoDrive operating concept with multi-functional lever (= individual configuration of all main functions to the first operator level for direct access), keypad integrated into an ergonomic armrest, one touch-screen terminal type CCI 100 and an additional touch-screen terminal type CCI 50.
  • Clean Control: For saving and "re-use" of specific harvest parameters
  • 1 colour monitor incl. rear camera and light
  • Visual Protect: CAN-Bus controlled monitoring system
  • Telemetric-unit called "GRIMME SmartConnect", as standard, with free connectivity to myGRIMME

Technical data

VARITRON 270 Platinum

Length 11700 - 13120 mm
Width 3300 - 4023 mm
Height 3995 mm
Working width  
Row width 75 - 90 cm
Intake width 540 / 580 / 620 mm
Main webs  
Intake web width 1500 mm
1st main web width 1700 mm
2nd main web width 1700 mm
Sieving area intake web 2,9 m²
1st main web sieving area 3,4 m²
2nd main web sieving area 4,9 m²
Intake web pitch (choice of) 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 mm
1st main web pitch (choice) 28 / 32 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 mm
2nd main web pitch (choice) 28 / 32 / 35 / 40 / 45 mm
Picking table  
Width 1100 mm
Ring elevator  
Ring elevator width 900 mm
Capacity 7000 kg
Unloading height 4350 mm
Front 900/60 R32
Rear right 800/65 R32
rear left 900/60 R32
Steering angle  
Front left 65 °
Front right 70 °
Rear 13 °
Chassis and engine  
Transport speed 20 / 25 km/h
Motor power 260 / 354 kW/HP
Fuel tank capacity 600 l
AdBlue tank capacity 40 l

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