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Carrot harvest technology - 1-row top lifter | CM-1000E

Heavy-duty 3-point mounted with elevator

The ASA-LIFT CM1000 is a 3-point mounted machine, designed for top lifting of root crops under all conditions. The CM1000 E offers various elevator solutions for the transport of carrots direct to a trailer. A combination of conveyers, elevators and depositors may be used in order to secure the optimal solution for each grower. The new-designed machine ensures efficient harvesting of carrots, beets, parsnips, etc. The CM1000 is offered with a range of different main sections for harvesting into boxes or trailers. To optimize the CM1000 for every grower, we offer a wide range of optional equipment. The machine features a heavy-duty construction with a strong frame. The use of high quality parts, which are made to last, offers reliability and lower running costs. The low angle pick-up section is equipped with a unique “floating drive system” and provides excellent lifting and topping performance of all crops, even under difficult conditions.

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  • Electric speed control of rotating functions
  • Synchronization of speed of pick-up belts to forward speed of tractor
  • Automatic depth control for pick-up section
  • Various pump systems for the drive of all rotating functions on the machine
  • Automatic greasing system for cutter bars
  • Lights for working and lights for road use
  • Wide range of wheel bases to optimize the harvester for the given conditions
  • Hydraulic wheel drive for harvester
  • Electric start/stop functions of lift
  • Wireless remote system for lift in order to be able to control the lift from trailer
  • Equipment for the harvesting of carrots for the industry, where the top of the carrots need to be cut off
  • Share lifting system to secure the harvesting of crops without leaves

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