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Carrot harvest technology - 1-row top lifter | CM-100E

1-row, carried, with elevator

The CM-100E is an easy to use, very good 1-rowed harvesting machine. It features the highly effecient elevator, capable of reaching 3,1 meters. The elevator ensures constant unloading of crops, so you don't have to stop harvesting.

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  • The machine is easy to start and use
  • The small size gives great maneuverability
  • Adjusments of the parts is very easily done


You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Hydraulic powered torpedoes with Anti-dive for better intake
  • Extra hydraulic motor for the knives
  • Automatic depth control on pick-up
  • Hydraulic cleaning roller
  • Spring release for share system
  • Manual rotating torpedoes with Anti-Dive protection.

Technical data


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