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Carrot harvest technology - 1-row top lifter | CM-100C

1-row, carried, with box filling

The CM-100 is a 3-point mounted 1-row machine for harvest of root crops. The machine is completely hydraulically driven and offers an effective harvesting of carrots, beets, parsnips and other root crops. CM-100 has an 335” long pick-up betls for lifting of crops, sprocket drive system and the unique ASA-LIFT cutter bar system for effectic topping of root crops. The pick-up section comes with hydraulically rotating row cleaner under the pick-up belts. A range of optional equipment is available in order to optimize the machine for each grower.

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  • Speedcontrol of all rotating functions
  • 550mm wide sorting table
  • Drop in web for better cleaning
  • Platform for 1 person
  • 28mm web with PVC covered bars
  • Hydraulic fork for 1 box
  • PTO mounted directly on tractors PTO shaft


You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Hydraulic powered torpedoes with Anti-dive for better intake
  • Extra hydraulic motor for the knives
  • Automatic depth control on pick-up
  • Hydraulic cleaning roller
  • Spring release for share system
  • Manual rotating torpedoes with Anti-Dive protection.

Technical data


Width in transport position 3300 mm
Box length (max.) 120x120x120 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration 1750 kg
Wheels 10,0/75*15,3

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