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Planting technology - Cup planter | GL 420

4-row, up to 2 t hopper, mounted, for a versatile application range

The GL 420 is a mounted, 4-row potato planter with a unique variety of options for almost every grower. The GRIMME professional planting element is the right choice for a very precise and even planting distance. Different setting options of the machine together with good calibrated seed enable a high planting speed. The machine design with large covering discs in front of running wheels enables easy pulling of the machine, pre-shapes the ridge and avoids soil compaction of loose soil by the running wheels. Several work steps can be combined with the cup planter GL 420. Integrating features such as active soil cultivation, application of granulates, furrow treatment agents and liquid tuber dressing, placement of the tuber, ridge building and erosion control, everything can be realised. The machine can be optionally equipped with solutions for the implementation of Clever Planting, Section Control and site-specific farming using application maps.

Potato cultivation with improved protection against erosion

TerraProtect creates small transverse ridges, so-called dykes, between the potato ridges. The dykes reduce the risk of erosion and at the same time promote water absorption.

Ridge shaping on light soils

For an improved water absorption on light soils, cage rollers can be used in combination with spring-loaded ridging bodies.

The ideal combination

Convenient especially for short headlands and smaller acreage. A compact tractor implement combination of potato planter GL 420 and rotary tiller GR 300 is available for these requirements.

Combining work steps

The potato planter GL 420 can be equipped with the LEMKEN Zirkon 12 rotary cultivator for soil cultivation and planting in a single operation step.

Combined plant protection

GRIMME tank system TS 820, authorized for liquid chemicals to be applied onto the seed potatoes and/or into the furrow.

Ideally suited for chitted seed

For all those who want to maintain the lead of pre-sprouted tubers, GRIMME offers a moving floor unit. The long floor offers you more time to gently pour following tubers onto the supply belts.

Video: The cup planter GL 420 at work

Video: TerraProtect PRO


  • The powerful planting element enables a simple adaption to the tuber size and ensures therefore an exact planting distance.
  • The combination of specially developed furrow opener, planting cups, the longest singling way, an adjustable drop rod and a low drop height enable an even planting distance in the required planting depth.
  • Less seed potatoes required with the automatic single row deactivation of the planting elements with Section Control.
  • Variable Rate Control (VRC): By use of electronic application maps the machine is able to realise precise, variable tuber spacing for each single row.
  • Clever Planting: Increased share of marketable crop due to a improved, homogeneous growth and tuber size in the rows next to the spraying tracks. This is achieved by an infinitely adjustable, reduced tuber spacing and the resulting change in competition for light and nutrients along the spraying tracks.
  • Operation via ISOBUS from the tractor terminal
  • Four wheels, following the covering discs, ensure a good weight distribution, stability and good traction.
  • A combination with a cultivator is possible for an optimum soil preparation.
  • Various hopper options: Tipping hopper flat (2000 kg), fixed hopper (1200 kg) or tipping hopper low (1700 kg)
  • Uniform growing through constant soil covering of the tubers via hydraulic depth control of the furrow opener and automatic shaping board steering. The planting depth can easily be controlled and adjusted from the cab.
  • A shaping board can be used for building ridges with specific characteristics from loose to firm soil with a smooth surface. There are several versions for ridge shaping bodies available for a perfect adaptation to different soil conditions, ridge shapes and ridge volumes.
  • For an improved water absorption on light soils, cage rollers can be used in combination with fix or spring-loaded ridging bodies. The cage rollers provide a light, airy ridge with an open-pored surface.
  • Protection against erosion: The partnership of a loosening tine and the dyker, both working between the ridges, TerraProtect ensures a more efficient water absorption in the ridges and also provides maximum protection against soil erosion.
  • The GRIMME nozzle system ensures complete dressing of the tuber, and the GRIMME tank system enables a safe handling as well as a proper crop protection
  • Option to applicate micro granular directly into the furrow for an optimum growing start or for seed protection

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Potato planter with 4 planting elements
  • Manually operated lane marker
  • Stainless steel bottom in cup hopper
  • Planting belt with cups of choice
  • Quick unlock of planting elements
  • Infinitely adjustable mechanical shaker
  • Furrow opener in the parallelogram, pushed with 4 feeler wheels DM 400 mm
  • Individually spring loaded and ball bearing mounted, large, serrated covering discs, with a diameter of 510 mm.
  • Chassis with 4 running wheels
  • Wheels 7.50-16 AS
  • Tipping hopper capacity 2000 kg

Technical data

GL 420

Length without shaping board 2580 mm
Length with shaping board 3000 mm
Length with speed hood plate 3240 mm
Length with cage roller 3300 mm
Length with spraying track lever 3650 mm
Width at row width 75 cm 3250 mm
Width at row width 90 cm 3850 mm
Height 1920 mm
Filling height fixed hopper 1840 mm
Filling height tipping hopper low 790 mm
Filling height tipping hopper flat 1515 mm
Overlapping length at the rear with speed hood plate 660 mm
Overlapping length at the rear with cage roller 730 mm
Overlapping length at the rear with spraying track lever 1080 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration 1450 kg
Empty weight with shaping board 2300 kg
Working width  
Row width 75 - 90 cm
Number of rows 4
Tractor attachment  
Lower linkage category 2 / 3 Cat.
Fixed hopper capacity 1200 kg
Wheels 7.50-16 AS
Tractor requirements  
Without shaping board (min.) 60 kW
With shaping board (min.) 90 kW
Oil flow 20 l/min
Required control valves (single acting) 2

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