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Planting technology - Belt planter | GB 430

4-row, 3 t hopper, for high output

The belt planter is the right choice to plant non calibrated seed potatoes, various sizes or longish varieties. Higher drive speed is possible with appropriate sizes as with a cup planter. The GB 430 is designed for both, conventional planting and for planting in beds. Two different chassis available to combine the various options of ridge shaping to suit the requirements. Fertiliser box, chemicals equipment and GRIMME Flow-Board are available as an option. A video system is available to control the machine functions.

Chassis with big wheels and shaping board

Flow-Board for bed cultivation

Box turning unit

Chassis with gantry pivot axle, high agility due to a steering angle of 35°


  • Driving speed of up to 10 kmph realize a high output, depending on the crop size and variety, planting distance and soil conditions
  • Tubers per hectare or planting distance setting from the terminal
  • Less seed potatoes required with the automatic single row deactivation of the planting elements with Section Control and hydraulic single row drive
  • Clever Planting realizes better tuber growth as the planting distance is smaller next to the spraying tracks, as well as using the nutrients and light from the spraying tracks.
  • Automatic row dependent steering via hydraulic steering drawbar with pre-shaped ridges for an optimum centre tuber position
  • Planting element levelling of +/- 7° at slopes in drive direction, for a precise singling of seed potatoes
  • Uniform growing through constant soil covering of the tubers via hydraulic depth control of the furrow opener and automatic shaping board steering
  • The GRIMME nozzle system ensures complete dressing of the tuber, and the GRIMME tank system enables a safe handling as well as a proper crop protection
  • Option to applicate micro granular directly into the furrow for an optimum growing start or for seed protection
  • There are different options available for ridge shaping: shaping board for a loose to firm ridge with a smooth surface or cage rollers for a more fine crumbled ridge structure
  • Uniform weight distribution, different ridge shaping options and ridge shaping without following tracks in combination with a chassis with 4 wheels and ridge shaping behind the axle
  • Ideal for bed planting and a accurate centre deposit even at slopes is the chassis with 2 wheels at the outside and ridge shaping in front of the wheels
  • Hydraulic steering axle and a large steering angle of up to 42°(chassis with 2 wheels) or 32° (chassis with 4 wheels) enable a high agility

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • 4 planting elements, hydraulically driven
  • Crop separator above planting belt
  • 4 separate operated, hydraulically driven feeding belts
  • Infinitely planting distance adjustment
  • Hydraulically driven oscillator in the planting element
  • Row width 75 cm
  • Pulled furrow openers in parallelogram with feeler wheel 16.5 x 6.50 - 8 AS
  • Covering unit
  • Mechanical telescope drawbar incl. hydraulic jack stand
  • Tractor attachment with drawbar eye or hitch
  • Chassis with 2 running wheels
  • Wheels 270/95 R44
  • Tipping hopper capacity 3000 kg
  • Hydraulic block
  • Main electronic MDA
  • VC 50 operator terminal to operate all hydraulic functions, w/o joystick box incl.:
    • Miss indicator
    • Hectare meter
    • Field start / end function
    • Potato counter via ultra sonic sensors

Technical data

GB 430

Length with axle incl. 2 outer running wheels without / with front frame 6560 / 7300 mm
Length with gantry pivot axle incl. 4 running wheels without / with front frame 5640 / 6380 mm
Length with spraying track lever and axle incl. 2 outer running wheels without / with front frame 6560 / 7300 mm
Length with spraying track lever and gantry pivot axle incl. 4 running wheels without / with front frame 7030 / 7770 mm
Width at 75 cm row width without / with front frame 3300 / - mm
Height 2800 mm
Height in transport position 3200 mm
Filling height tipping hopper flat 2230 mm
Support length with axle incl. 2 outer running wheels without / with front frame 6560 / 7300 mm
Support length with gantry pivot axle incl. 4 running wheels without / with front frame 5030 / 5770 mm
Overlapping length at the rear side 1300 mm
Track width 3000 mm
Track width adjustable up to 3660 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration 4000 kg
Working width  
Number of rows 4
Row width 75 - 91,4 cm
Tractor attachment  
Drawbar eye / low hitch x
Low hitch x
Low hitch ball bearing (K 80) x
Tipping hopper capacity 3000 kg
Capacity at row width 90 cm 3500 kg
Wheels (option 1) 2x 270/95 R44
Wheels (option 2) 4x 280/85 R28
Chassis and engine  
Transport speed (option) 25 km/h
Tractor requirements  
Without shaping board (min.) 60 kW
With shaping board (min.) 90 kW
Oil flow 50 l/min
Required control valves (single acting) 2
Required control valves (double acting) 1

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