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Handling equipment - Receiving hopper | TH 824

Increased intake volume up to 49 m³

The TH 824 takes up the crop and its essential function is to efficiently feed the receiving hopper to which it is coupled. During the unloading process, the TH raises automatically and uses the buffer volume of the RH 24-60 or RH 24-70 more effective. Standby time for the transport vehicles is drastically reduced.

Minimized waiting time of the trailers due to quick emptying

Gentle transfer to Receiving hopper RH

The TH 824 lifts automatically whilst trailer unloading process

Comfortable operation

Simple and intuitive operation via operator terminal VC 50. Find out more...


  • Doubled intake volume (up to 49 m³)
  • Improved, gentle crop handling and increased output via continuous high crop flow in the handling line
  • Reduced unproductive down-times for lorries, up to 75 % faster unloading of a trailer
  • More transporting capacity with one and the same vehicle fleet
  • Strong hopper floor
  • Gentle intake due to soft bags
  • Durable due to exterior rollers of the hopper floor chain
  • Excellent emptying due to deep bags with active sealing
  • Comfortable operation via operator terminal, type VC 50

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Moveable rubber intake flap
  • Deep, soft pockets
  • Active pocket sealing
  • Robust hopper floor chains supported on external bearings
  • Hydraulic height adjustment of the hopper floor
  • Hydraulic height adjustable axle
  • Covers to protect while automatically lifting of the hopper
  • Line control with RH (the operation is done via RH)

Technical data

TH 824

Intake height (min.) 850 mm
Intake height (max.) 1000 mm
Receiving height at RH 24 Combi with comfort package CF CLS II min. 1000 mm
Receiving height at RH 24 Combi with comfort package CF CLS II max. 1150 mm
Intake width 3350 mm
Hopper floor width 2400 mm
Hopper floor length 8000 mm
Hopper floor speed 4,5 - 12 m/min
Capacity RH 24-60 42 m³
Capacity RH 24-70 49 m³
Power supply  
Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Service 10 kW

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