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Handling equipment - Box filler | GBF XXL

Big boxes up to 5t, gentle full width filling of the boxes

The GBF XXL is a fully automatic box filler for 3.5 to 5 t boxes that can be used both during storage and during potato processing / grading. The adjustable intake height and the box positioning frame are suitable for filling a variety of different sized boxes. The hydraulically adjustable gooseneck reduces the discharge height into the box. The machine settings operated from the GBT operator terminal including Flow-Control line control to start and stop the complete feeding line.

Constant discharge height for gentle box filling

Belt with flights and adjustable break systems at both ends reduce crop rotation

Full width filling of the big boxes.


Product transfer

Control Systems


  • Constant discharge height for a gentle box filling and big box filling over the entire width.
  • Optimum crop flow due to infinitely variable belt speed
  • Wavelike belt with flights and adjustable break systems at both ends reduce crop rotation
  • Simple positioning of the boxes in a box position frame.
  • Comfortable operation via operator terminal, type VC 50

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Filling conveyor with V-shaped flights
  • Infinitely adjustable web speed
  • Automatically aligned crop sensor
  • Operator terminal VC 50 (incl. 2 m connecting cable)
  • Flow Control for line control

Technical data


Length 8200 mm
Width 2980 mm
Box length (min.) 2300 mm
Box length (max.) 2600 mm
Box width (min.) 2300 mm
Box width (max.) 2400 mm
Box height (min.) 1300 mm
Box height (max.) 1600 mm
Intake height (min.) 2630 mm
Intake height (max.) 2930 mm
Power supply  
Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Service 7,5 kW

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