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software-tool to calculate/estimate performance values of the harvesting season

Software to calculate the yield of the harvester in hours, tonnes or seasonal output with the details of digging days and hours, digging speed, yield average, bunker capacity, row width and number of rows. In addition, it is possible to enter efficiency-reducing data such as manoeuvre time at headlands, empty tours and unloading times (not applicable for elevator harvester) to get more reasonable data. With the app "GRIMME Tools" it is possible, for example, to calculate the spraying tracks, required seed potatoes as well reach performance data. Download the "GRIMME Tools" from the apple store. Free download: Appstore

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  • Simple calculation of the harvester yield and display of various data as tonne per hour, hectare per hour or yield of the season etc.
  • Editing power reducing parameter as turning times, empty tours and bunker unloading times.
  • Clear overview
  • Choice between metric or inch for worldwide use
  • Available free of charge in the App-Store

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