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Harvesting Technology - ROOTSTER | ROOTSTER 604

6-row, 4 t bunker, trailed overloading harvester

Simple and robust, this is the formula for the development of the trailed beet harvester ROOTSTER with 4 t overloading bunker, which are available as 6-row variant. All machine functions can be conveniently controlled via an operator terminal. All other drives are mechanical and of low-maintenance design. This does make it easier to carry out repairs and reduces the required power (from 136 kW / 185 HP). Use of the ROOTSTER as 1-phase system by using the FT 300 or FM 300 or the 2-phase system by using the BM 300. Machine setting to 45 or 50 cm row width.

Hydraulic articulated drawbar for exact digging depth adjustment for optimum digging results

Hydraulically driven Oppel wheels for all digging conditions

Low maintenance and reliable, mechanical drive, bunker filling elevator and unloading elevator hydraulically driven


  • Digging, cleaning and transferring:
    • efficient and economic alternative for beet harvesting.
    • high operating comfort
  • 2-phase system with centre discharge
    • extraordinary maintenance friendly
    • for 6-row harvesting worldwide
    • large volume 6 m³ buffer bunker for non-stop use
  • especially affordable:
    • all 1- and 2-phase systems can be pulled by existing tractors.

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Row spacing
    • choice between 45, 48 or 50 cm, 18" or 20"
  • Tractor attachment
    • drawbar incl. hydr. drawbar steering
    • drawbar eye or hitch (ball bearing hitch - K 80 as an option)
  • Digging unit
    • Oppel wheels, hydraulically driven
  • Depth control:
    • lifting cylinder with spindle adjustable end stop
  • Cleaning
    • 1st unit: Cross roller table with one plain roller plus 4 axial rollers, 2 merging rollers
    • 2nd unit: 3 turbines (1700 / 1350 / 1350 mm), manual guide bars adjustment
  • Bunker
    • 6 m³ / 4 t capacity
    • filling via ring elevator with bunker filling elevator
    • unloading via 1000 mm wide main web, hydraulic swivelling
  • Chassis
    • gantry axle incl. hydraulic axle steering
    • 600/55-26.5 wheels
  • Operation
    • electro hydraulic operation from driver's cab
    • operation via touchscreen terminal VC 50 and joystick box GBX 860
  • Drive
    • PTO shaft 1000 rpm, Walterscheid wide angle joint drive shaft
  • required tractor power:
    • from 136 KW (185 HP)

Technical data


Length 8250 mm
Width 3300 mm
Height 4000 mm
Empty weight (with hydraulic Oppel wheels) 9100 kg
Bearing load 2100 kg
Axle load 7000 kg
Working width  
Number of rows 6
Row width 45 / 50 cm
Row width 18 / 20 "
Tractor attachment  
Low hitch x
Drawbar eye below x
Low hitch ball bearing (K 80) x
Input speed p.t.o.-shaft 1000 rpm
Cleaning unit  
1st cleaning unit (B x L) 2850 x 1000 mm x mm
Diameter 1st turbine 1700 mm
Diameter 2nd and 3rd turbine 1350 mm
1st cleaning unit area 2,85 m²
2nd cleaning unit - turbines area 2,1 m²
Bunker filling elevator area 2,85 m²
1st cleaning turbine pitch 70 mm
2nd and 3rd cleaning turbine pitch 67 mm
Bunker filling web pitch 50 mm
Ring elevator  
Ring elevator width 900 mm
Capacity 4000 kg
Capacity 6 m³
Unloading web width 1000 mm
Transfer loading  
Transfer height 4000 mm
Soil cleaning / pre-grading  
Number of coils 5
Wheels 600/55 R26.5
Number of support wheels 2 x 2
Steering angle  
Rear +/- 13 °
Tractor requirements  
Engine power (min.) 136 kW
Oil flow 55 l/min
Required control valves (single acting) 1
Non-pressurized return flow 1