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Harvesting Technology - BM - series | BM 300

6-row, efficient, maintenance friendly

The defoliator type BM 300 is a six-row trailed defoliator equipped with a steel flail shaft and two cleaning shafts. The machine is mainly used in a so-called two-phase harvesting process for beets, chicory roots and celeriac. The leaf is chopped at full width of the machine and deposited Inline between the (beet) rows. Row widths between 45 cm and 50 cm resp. 18" and 20" available for the BM 300.

Clean defoliating

The steel flail shaft and the two counter-rotating cleaning shafts ensure a perfectly defoliated crop. 

Simple and effective:

Low maintenance drive of the shafts, using v-belts on the r/h and l/h-side of the machine.


  • Clean chopped leaves are the basic for a good start into the harvest.
  • Clean removing of weed between the rows
  • Reliable defoliating by use of one steel flail shaft and two counter rotating cleaning shafts with rubber flails.
  • Avoids blockages in the harvester and give clean harvested crop

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Selectable row width of 45 to 50 cm, resp. 18 to 20 inch
  • Tractor attachment via drawbar with mechanical drawbar adjustment
  • Full width flail shaft with spiral arranged steel flails
  • First and second cleaning shaft over the beet rows consist of napped rubber flails. They are manually adjustable to the required row width.
  • The depth control is effected at the front by means of a lifting cylinder with a spindle-adjustable end stop. At the rear a spindle-adjustable castor wheels is used.
  • Power transmission via PTO shaft 1000 rpm.
  • 4 wheels, type 7.50-20 TR 15 AS

Technical data

BM 300

Length 5600 mm
Width 3300 mm
Channel width 2930 mm
Height 1600 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration 2600 kg
Bearing load 1100 kg
Working width  
Row width 45 - 50 cm
Row width 18 - 20 "
Number of rows 6
Tractor attachment  
Low hitch x
Drawbar eye below x
Input speed p.t.o.-shaft 1000 rpm
Flails / scalper unit  
Wide shredder 2855 mm
Shredder diameter 690 mm
Number of wheels 4
Wheels 5.50-16
Tractor requirements  
Engine power (min.) 60 kW
Engine power (recommended w/o hydr. drive) 90 kW
Required control valves (single acting) 1