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Harvesting Technology - 2-row | SV 260

Off-set trailed, 2-row, up to 7.5 t bunker, for varying harvesting conditions

The two row trailed bunker harvester, type SV 260, is characterised by its high variability with regard to separators. The machine can be equipped with a MultiSep, a Roller Separator, a fine haulm elevator or various combinations of the three. The efficiency of these separators is particularly evident on medium to heavy soils with low sieving capacity. A machine-configuration with up to two fine haulm elevators, the SV 260 is perfectly suited for carrot harvesting. For dry haulm and light trash, a blower can also be fitted in front of the ring elevator.

Variable use

Depending on the cultivation method (rows, beds, flat beds etc.), a wide range of different vegetables such as carrots, celery or red beet can also be harvested besides to potatoes.

Best separation result

For the most difficult soil and harvesting conditions, the machine can be equipped with a Roller Separator in combination with MultiSep.

Real nonstop digging

The patented NonstopBunker with reversing bunker floor and a capacity of 5.5 t enables an unloading process without stopping harvesting and a maximum of crop protection. Compared to a conventional bunker, the digging capacity can be increased by up to 30 %.

Separator for additional haulm separation

Using up to two fine haulm elevators, the separation of trash such as haulm fine weed and loose soil can be significantly increased. These separators show their full potential especially in carrots.


  • Crop protection
    • Main webs with high-cam belt for optimum gentle crop handling
    • Reduced drop heights throughout the machine for a gentle crop transfer
    • Gentle handling of the crop at bunker emptying, crop chute available as an option for direct box filling and addtional gentle crop handling
    • Soft bunker floor, pockets in the bunker cloth ensure a very good dragging effect
    • Gentle but high capacity harvesting
  • High acreage performance and separating effect
    • Extracting roller, extracting unit, fine haulm elevator or deviner web for haulm separation
    • Versatile sieving helps: Rotary agitator and / or hydraulic rocker agitator
    • Double MultiSep separator, the “all-rounder“, even in heavy harvesting conditions
    • Roller Separator with TwinSep or with deviner web
    • Vario-RS: Using this Roller Separator with infinitely adjustment of the roller distance, it is possible to react to different crop sizes and harvesting conditions at any time, without changing rollers.
    • Blower: The airflow which is generated by the Blower, separates dry haulm and light trash from the harvest flow and conveys it to the rear and out of the machine
    • NonstopBunker: Increased performance by 20 % to 30 % due to a gentle, continuous overloading during digging process. The revolving bunker floor enables the use of the whole bunker volume
  • Chassis
    • Offset trailed machine: Tractors with wide wheels ensure an increased traction
    • Large-volume radial tyres with a size of 1000/50 R25 for ground-protective driving on the field
    • Narrow wheels of 340/85 R38 are able to minimize the risk of damaging ridges when new fields are opened to be harvested
    • The hydrostatic wheel drive with wide-angle drive shaft provides additional tractive force.
  • Perfectly comfortable
    • Digital operator terminal VC 50 incl. colour display, touch-screen function and digital machine diagnostics realize a high operator comfort
    • Transfer height up to 4.2 m
    • TerraControl: Hydraulic ridge pressure relief and independent depth control
    • TerraDisc: Digging with driven disc coulter and without diablo roller (therefore no additional soil compaction) and depth control via skids
  • Versatility
    • High number of different versions with regard to the available separators
    • Various bunker options
    • The machine can be equipped with a windrow intake for the delayed, discontinuous ("two-phases") harvesting process.
    • Depending on the cultivation method (rows, beds, flat beds etc.), a wide range of different vegetables can also be harvested besides potatoes.

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Drawbar eye DM 50 mm
  • VC 50 operator terminal
  • Drive shaft 540 rpm
  • Hydraulically levelling / axle steering
  • Wheels 710/45-26.5
  • Ridge intake via pulled intake unit and 4 pulled and spring-loaded disc coulters
  • Mechanical driven, manual height adjustable rotary agitator in 1st main web
  • 1st main web 28, 32, 35, 40, 45 or 50 mm pitch
  • Extracting roller against 1st main web
  • 2nd main web 28, 32, 35, 40 or 45 mm pitch
  • Extracting roller against 2nd main web
  • 3rd main web 35 mm pitch for HE version
  • Self-hydraulic system to drive the separators
  • Hopper capacity 6000 kg
  • MOT certification (Germany), brakes and road lights
  • Choice of separators:
    • Version HE: Long 3rd main web, extraction roller against 2nd main web, 3rd main web vulcanised, fine haulm elevator with hydraulic levelling
    • Version MS: MultiSep separator existing out of: 2nd extracting unit, 4 driven roller pairs incl. reverse electronic and drive direction change of the plain rollers, separate height and distance adjustment of the plain rollers, one short and one long transfer web into the ring elevator
    • Version RS: Extracting roller against 2nd main web, roller separator with 9 axial fitted roller shafts, incl. reverse electronics, one short and one long transfer web into ring elevator

Technical data

SV 260

Length 11300 - 12400 mm
Width 3300 - 3900 mm
Height 3750 - 4000 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration 10750 - 12500 kg
Tractor attachment  
Low hitch x
Input speed p.t.o.-shaft 540 / 1000 rpm
Main webs  
1st main web width 1500 mm
2nd main web width 1700 mm
3rd main web width 1700 mm
1st main web sieving area 5,1 m²
2nd main web sieving area 3,2 m²
3rd main web sieving area 3,91 m²
Picking table  
Width 1100 mm
Picking personal 3+3
Capacity 6000 kg
Unloading height 4200 mm
Wheels 710/45-26.5
Chassis and engine  
Air brake x
Hydraulic brake x
Transport speed (option) 25 km/h
Tractor requirements  
Engine power (min.) 90 kW
Oil flow 50 l/min
Required control valves (single acting) 1
Non-pressurized return flow 1
Required control valves (double acting) 1
Permitted bearing load drawbar 3000 kg

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