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Harvesting Technology - 1-row | SE 75-20

Off-set trailed, 1-row, 2 t bunker, for small to medium sized fields

The compact bunker harvester, type GRIMME SE 75-20, was designed for small to medium structured areas. The highly visible off-set pulled intake unit from the driver seat and the easy handling of the machine are innovative advantages. The harvested crop is gently separated from the haulm by means of the "SE principle" and is conveyed to the subsequent separating device. The matching separators keep the drop steps as low as possible, so that the crop flow passes gently through the machine. Via the sorting table, where eventual trash can be sorted out by hand, the harvested crop reaches the 2-ton collection bunker.

Bagging platform in lieu of moving floor bunker

Separator, type "UB", for soils with clods and small amount of stones

Crop discharge at the bunker with drop brake for gentle box filling

Picking table with 4 grading rollers


  • offset trailed harvester, tractors with wide wheels ensure an increased traction
  • Easy to pull intake
  • Short first main web for effective sieving, simple changing
  • Main webs with high-cam belt for optimum gentle crop handling
  • Reduced drop heights throughout the machine for a gentle crop transfer
  • Active running side bars at the 2nd main web, crop transfer without friction at the side walls
  • Haulm separation with wide deviner web, separation from the tubers over the whole length of the deviner web, minimum drop height
  • 1rd separator: Hedgehog web with double roller scraper to separate soil and fine haulm
  • Infinitely adjustable finger web, optimum setting of the trash separation
  • Choice between bunker or platform for direct bagging at the machine
  • Hydraulically driven picking web is mounted in a near horizontal position for ergonomical picking
  • Gentle handling into the bunker through small drop height
  • Soft bunker floor, pockets in the bunker cloth ensure a very good dragging effect
  • Gentle handling of the crop at bunker emptying, crop chute available as an option for direct box filling and addtional gentle crop handling
  • Video system for improved monitoring of the main webs and separator, to enable an optimum machine operation
  • Operator friendly analog operation

Images / video clips


You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Drawbar eye below, hydraulically adjustable
  • Drive shaft drive with friction clutch
  • Wheels 12.5/80 - 18 AS
  • Pulled intake unit with pulled, spring loaded disc coulter, intake width 580 mm
  • 2- or 3-piece share blade
  • 2 outer haulm feed in rollers DM 400 mm
  • 1st main web 750 mm wide, 1400 mm long
  • 2nd main web 750 mm wide, 1400 mm long
  • Driven rotary agitator in 1st main web
  • Deviner web
  • Mechanical drive of 1st and 2nd hedgehog web
  • Picking table web with trash web, hydraulically adjustable
  • Easy-pick chute
  • Platforms at both sides of the picking web
  • final conveyor, rigid
  • Electro-magnetic control valve, operated by tractor hydraulic for drawbar adjustment, share lifting and moving floor bunker
  • Unloading height 3300 mm
  • Hopper capacity 2000 kg
  • Warning system for tractor driver
  • Road lights
  • Pressure-free return valve required from tractor
  • Without brakes

Technical data

SE 75-20

Length 7900 mm
Width 3000 mm
Height 3100 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration 3800 kg
Tractor attachment  
Drawbar eye / low hitch x
Drawbar eye x
Input speed p.t.o.-shaft 540 rpm
Main webs  
1st main web width 750 mm
2nd main web width 750 mm
1st main web sieving area 1,05 m²
2nd main web sieving area 1,46 m²
Deviner web width 850 mm
1st separator width 900 mm
2nd separator width 650 mm
Picking table  
Width 580 mm
Trash web width 280 mm
Picking personal 2+2
Capacity 2000 kg
Unloading height 3300 mm
Wheels 12.5/80-18 AS
Chassis and engine  
Transport speed (option) 25 km/h
Tractor requirements  
Engine power (min.) 40 kW
Oil flow 34 l/min
Required control valves (single acting) 1
Required control valves (double acting) 1
Non-pressurized return flow 1
Permitted bearing load drawbar 1000 kg

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