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Harvesting Technology - 1-row | KT-175 

1-row, mounted

The KT-175 is a single row, lightweight, mounted sieving harvester without bunker and without overloading elevator for gentle harvesting of potatoes and sensitive root crops.The machine is driven by the tractor's hydraulic and has a horizontal hedgehog web for the separation of stones and clods. The picking platform provides enough space for 2 to 4 persons. At the end of the picking table, the harvested crop is loaded directly into large boxes, with a total weight of up to 750 kg. The machine can be configured for different box systems (option). For intake of the crop, a diablo roller is used in combination with haulm feed-in rollers and finger shares. Sieving takes place on a 75 cm wide main web. In addition, a shaking unit is installed behind the main web to separate loose soil.The mounted machine, improves handling and manoeuvrability on the headland.

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  • A unique machine for high value crops such as early potatoes
  • Gentle harvest with a smaller crew
  • Several options to adapt to different box systems
  • Hydraulicly driven gives little maintanence and downtime
  • Small turning radius


You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Harvesting section with 750 mm wide digging web and
    • Spring loaded disc coulter
    • Floating diablo roller for potatoes
    • Forked share system
    • Spring loaded haulm roller for the green tops
    • Adjustable shaker system with manual adjustments.
  • Main section with.
    • A hedgehog belt to separate stones and clods.
    • Hydraulic vibrating fingers
    • Inspection table with two webs for separation of product and trash.
    • Standing platform for 2-4 persons.

Technical data


Length 5297 mm
Width 3650 mm
Height 2238 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration 1900 kg
Working width  
Number of rows 1
Tractor attachment  
Lower linkage category 2 Cat.
Input speed p.t.o.-shaft 540 rpm
Main webs  
1st main web sieving area 2,17 m²
Picking table  
Width 440 mm
Trash web width 190 mm
Picking personal 2
Intake width 750 mm
Wheels 10/75-15,3
Chassis and engine  
Transport speed max 40 km/h
Tractor requirements  
Engine power (min.) 50 kW
Oil flow 25 l/min

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