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Harvesting Technology - 3-row | GT 300

Centre trailed, 3-row, for varying harvest conditions

The centre trailed elevator harvester GT 300 harvests three rows in lieu of two with every pass. This simply means 50 % more performance. The operator has a clear view of the digging units and the large sieving areas due to the proven frame and drive design from the GT 170. The machine comes with the automatic depth control "TerraControl" as standard. A choice of various separators between MultiSep, Roller Separator and fine haulm elevator are available. Active side panels as well as the length and flexibility of the cart elevator ensure a smooth and gentle discharge of the crop even into deep trailers.

Increase capacity by 50 %

Double MultiSep separator with segment rollers

Fine haulm elevator for haulm separation

Elevator with active side panels for gentle crop handling

OptiBag in cart elevator to increase sieving output


  • Gentle but high capacity harvesting
  • TerraControl: Hydraulic ridge pressure relief and independent depth control Terra control
  • Extracting roller, extracting unit and fine haul elevator for haulm separation
  • various sieving tools: Rotary agitator and / or hydraulic rocker agitator
  • Hydraulic main web drive for optimum adaption of the harvester
  • Separator model roller separator with TwinSep
  • Double MultiSep separator: the “all-rounder“, even in heavy harvesting conditions
  • Vario RS: Roller Separator with infinitely adjustable roller distance, roller changing becomes void
  • Wide elevator (1200 mm) for high trailers and deep unloading into the trailers
  • Good visible elevator with low maintenance active side panels
  • Visual Control VC 50 touchscreen operator terminal enable high operator comfort

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Drawbar eye DM 40mm or DM 50 mm
  • Drive shaft 540 rpm with overrun clutch
  • Hydraulic levelling
  • Hydraulic axle steering
  • Wheels 600/55-26.5
  • Pulled crop intake unit with 6 pulled, spring loaded disc coulters, intake width 540 or 580 mm, 2- piece share
  • 3 diablo rollers
  • Outer haulm feed in rollers and centre retaining rubber
  • Hydraulically driven, height adjustable rotary agitator and rocker agitator in 1st main web
  • TerraControl
  • Extracting roller against 1st main web
  • Row width 3 x 75 cm (standard)
  • 1st main web: 28, 32, 35, 40, 45 or 50 mm pitch
  • 2nd main web: 28, 32, 35, 40, 45 or 50 mm pitch
  • Powerful hydraulic driven cart elevator with long centre and head frame
  • Electro-magnetic control valve, operated by tractor hydraulic, for lifting shares, levelling, axle steering, elevator centre frame, elevator head frame and elevator drive
  • Hydraulic brake (approved for Germany)
  • MOT certification (Germany) with air brakes and road lights

Technical data

GT 300

Length 11050 mm
Width 3260 mm
Height 3450 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration 9500 kg
Tractor attachment  
Drawbar eye / low hitch x
Input speed p.t.o.-shaft 540 / 1000 rpm
Main webs  
Sieving area intake web 3,48 m²
1st main web sieving area 7,5 m²
2nd main web sieving area 2 m²
Unloading elevator  
Service 160 t/h
Transfer height 4000 mm
Transfer width 3500 mm
Wheels 600/55-26.5
Chassis and engine  
Air brake x
Transport speed (option) 25 km/h
Tractor requirements  
Engine power (min.) 115 kW
Oil flow 70 l/min
Required control valves (single acting) 1
Required control valves (double acting) 1
Non-pressurized return flow 1
Permitted bearing load drawbar 1800 kg