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Data systems - Order management | Mapping of gross crop weight

Monitor your yields in real time

Crop gross weight mapping is a weighing system, which is based on an electronic belt scale. The system records yield differences within the field and documents the crop yields on a site-specific basis. Based on this data, a yield map can be created that visualizes zones of high and low yield. With the help of a Farm Management Information System (FMIS), a map for the site-specific application of i.e. fertilizer, pesticides or seed can be derived from this yield map. All measured values can be stored in ISO-XML format and transmitted using a USB stick or the manufacturer-independent data exchange platform "agrirouter".

Video: Potato harvest with live transmission of yield data (in German language).


  • Mass mapping provides information on the characteristics and site-specific potential of the field.
  • It enables validation of the previously implemented measures of precision farming, such as the use of variable tuber spacing and/or site-specific fertilisation.
  • Problem areas within a field can be localised.
  • Optimisation of logistics, using the early data of yields.
  • The risk of overloading transport vehicles can be prevented.
  • Continuous optimization of the machine performance by displaying the throughput in tons per hour.
  • Starch potatoes: Accurate knowledge of the harvested amount of crop, stored in a clamp at the edge of the field.
  • A transfer and visualization of the yield data in the final customer portal myGRIMME is possible.
  • Data export via USB stick, using standardised ISO-XML format.
  • Optional online data transfer via agrirouter (DKE-Data Ltd., Germany) for further data evaluation with any farm management system.
  • A pdf-report or a so-called "digital delivery note" about the yields can be created directly on the machine.


You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Topcon YieldTrakk

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Mapping of gross crop weight

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