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Data systems - CCI.Control Mobile | CCI.Control Mobile

Manufacturer independent online data management, machine and order data clearly at a glance

ISOBUS machine data are transferred via a wireless adapter (CCI i10) with the CCI-Control Mobil app onto the iPad (app free of charge). The CCI i10 adaptor connected to the standardized ISOBUS InCab Connector in the tractor or self-propelled harvester cab. The standardized ISOBUS In-Cab Connector allows for the first time the cross-manufacturer documentation of machine data with an iPad. Tractors, connected or self-propelled machines collect data as fuel consumption, finished fields, used fertiliser, yield and so on via ISOBUS. The software CCI.Control Mobile make the values visible for the driver and saves it for documentation. Via the manual data entry of the working width the working area will be documented of machine without ISOBUS-system. The app receives standardized ISO-XML order data via online communication (e-mail, FTP-server or data management portal) from the field file from the farm computer. Finalized orders send back including machine and process documentation. CCI.Control Mobile is actually available for MAXTRON 620 and machines of the REXOR-series. Free download: Appstore


  • Manufacturer independent use on the iPad free of charge
  • Master data administration and order planning via manufacturer independent PC software
  • Online data exchange via ISO-XML format
  • Simple selection and processing of planned orders on the machine
  • Order evaluation of finalised jobs on the farm PC
  • Online fleet management to watch the processing

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • CCI i10 WLAN adapter
  • Connector cable
  • iPad bracket
  • iPad charger incl. 12 V adapter

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CCI.Control Mobile