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Soil cultivation - Row independent soil cultivation | GR 300 / GR 360

For a fine crumbled soil cultivation on heavy soils.

The GR is developed for conditions where a very intense cultivation is required. The large number of tines and the high speed of the rotor produce a well crumbled soil structure in fields without stones. With the smaller rotor diameter as at the Rotary Hiller the GR needs less power as the rotary tiller. The machine are available either for front or rear attachment. The combination with a GL 420, GL 430 or GL 420 Exacta is also possible.

Variable use

The GR 300 may be conventionally used as a rear-mounted rotary tiller for crushing clods and trash.

The ideal combination

The GRIMME Rotary Tiller GR 300 with front attachment, is ideally suited to be combined with a trailed or mounted 4-row potato planter. Convenient especially for short headlands and smaller acreage, a compact tractor implement combination is available for these requirements.

Combined plant protection

Tank system TS 420 on the GR 300 at tractor front. Authorized for liquid chemicals to be applied onto the seed potatoes and/or into the furrow

Optimal seedbed

Full-width soil cultivation for optimum seedbed preparation.

Combining work steps

Soil cultivation, planting and ridge shaping in a single pass.

Video: The GR 300 with front and rear attachment


  • Full width tilling for an optimum seedbed preparation for potatoes or other vegetables
  • The GRIMME GR 300 When mounted on the front of a tractor the GR 300 works great in combination with a rear mounted potato planter, combining cultivation and planting in one pass can significantly reduce running costs and ground compaction over the field.
  • GR 300 for rear attachment incl. soil retention plate and carrying roller for the conventional soil cultivation like stubble field and grass land cultivation
  • GR 300 combined with a potato planter for a more efficient output with reduced running costs and reduced passes over the field because up to five applications can be done in one pass. This allows the use of wide tractor wheels
  • Smaller rotor diameter for a reduced power requirement compared to conventional rotary hillers
  • Soil retention plate incl. integrated ridge shaper, to be used in the tractors front, to avoid recompaction of the loose soil by the following tractor wheels
  • GRIMME tank system TS 420 (option) for GR 300 in front attachment (2 x 200 l, consider the tractor lifting power)
  • Four loosening tines for an increased ground loosening requires less tractor power and enable a better root growing in the ground
  • Two loosening tines loose the soil in the tractor track
  • Tine comb for the GR 300 in front mounting, to crumble clods for the following rotary tiller
    • The drive shaft is fitted with cam shut down clutch for low-wear overload protection, even when in heavy conditions with stones and trash (compared to a conventional friction clutch)
  • Spring loaded housing for less soil sticking
  • Reinforced gearbox for up to 325 HP tractor power

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • 3.00 m working width
  • Rotor shaft for full width tiller
  • 112 tines, 50 x 12 mm each, with hard-wearing tips
  • "Walterscheid" drive shaft P600, 6 grooves
  • Gearbox, 350 rpm, single drive for max. 250 HP
  • Carriage roller Ø 480 mm for front attachment
  • Soil retention plate with integrated ridge shaper, shaper creates loose soil without compaction of the tractor
  • Side gearbox with spur gears in it´s own housing
  • Three-point linkage Cat. 2 / 3
  • Spring loaded housing for less soil sticking
  • 2 infinitely height adjustable support wheels for depth control

Technical data

GR 300 / GR 360

Length 2320 mm
Width 3290 mm
Height 1540 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration 1850 kg
Working width  
Working width 3 m
Tractor attachment  
Lower linkage category 2 / 3 Cat.
Input speed p.t.o.-shaft 1000 rpm
Rotor speed 350 rpm
Soil cultivation  
Tine rotor diameter 620 mm
Number of tines  
For full-width setup 112
Number of support wheels 2
Support wheels 155/80 R13
Carriage roller diameter 480 mm
Tractor requirements  
Engine power (min.) 90 kW