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Soil cultivation - Row dependent soil cultivation | GH 4

4-row, row widths from 75 to 91.4 cm, mechanical weed control

The 4-row Ridging Hiller for use in 75 to 91.4 cm row distance. Various options including different tines for varying soil conditions are available to enable optimum ridging. Single row shaper allow easy running between the rows, even in bigger plants.For weed destruction without chemicals and ridge building simultaneously, the Eco Ridging Hiller is the right choice.

Various tine versions for different soil conditions

Single row shaper for the use in fields with emerged crop

Soil loosening tines in front of the shaping board

Mechanical undercutting the side of the ridge with the Eco ridging hiller


  • Double toolbar consists of a robust welded frame, therefore flexible to fit all required tines or ridging bodies
  • Fixed ridging bodies for stone free grounds
  • Spring mounted ridging bodies for stony soils
  • Spring mounted discs for wet conditions
  • Various tines for varying conditions
  • Shaping board or single row shaper (choice of)
  • Spring loaded shaping board
  • On light soils it is possible to use cage rollers to improve the water absorption of the finished ridges
  • Eco version for weed control in emerged crop

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Ridging Hiller GH:
    • double-frame with spring loaded ridging bodies
    • height adjustable loosening tine No. 3
    • shaping board spring loaded
  • GH Single row shaper:
    • single row shaper in lieu of shaping board
    • single row shaper spring loaded
  • GH Eco same as GH single row shaper, in addition:
    • mounting frame extension 3rd and 4th tine frame
    • guided cutting knife for undercutting the side of the ridge

Technical data

GH 4

Length 2380 mm
Width 3270 mm
Height 1500 mm
Empty weight with basic configuration 950 kg
Working width  
Number of rows 4
Row width 75 - 91,4 cm
Tractor attachment  
Lower linkage category 2 / 3 Cat.
Tractor requirements  
Engine power (min.) 50 kW

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