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Soil cultivation - Row dependent soil cultivation | GF 600

6-row, 75 cm to 90 cm, for large-volume, solid ridges

The rotary hiller GF intensively cultivates the soil while destroying annoying clods. The soil becomes loose and can be used for ridge forming and makes up the basis for a good growth. Furthermore, these rotary hillers can be converted to full width cultivators with a few manual adjustments prior to planting. The drive is designed for a tractor output up to 500 HP. A hydraulically operated foldable frame is available to keep the machine within the allowed transport width (option)

Up to 500 hp

Most powerful rotary tiller in the market, using a heavy duty gear box for tractors of up to 500 HP.

Even deep guidance

Support wheels ensure an even working depth.

Fast movement between fields

Safe road transport and quick change from field to field due to a fast hydraulic frame folding mechanism.

Across the full width

Soil cultivation on the full working width, for shredding clods and crop residues as well as for superficial tillage (e.g. stubble fields).


  • Conventional ridge hilling
  • full width tilling for an optimum seedbed preparation for potatoes or other vegetables
  • drive shaft with cam shut down coupling has an low-wear overload protection also with many causes through stones or trash compared to the friction drive
  • ridge shaping in various sizes, optimum adaption to the cultivation conditions
  • Six loosening tines for increased ground loosening under the following ridges require less tractor power with full width tillage and enable a better root growing in the ground
  • Two loosening tines loose the soil in the tractor track
  • Even depth guidance also in changing conditions, via different support wheels in front of the rotary tiller
  • guiding disc for stabilisation on slopes
  • Hydraulically foldable main frame for road transport and quick drive to the next field
  • Reinforced gearbox for up to 500 HP tractor power

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Row width 75 cm
  • Rotor shaft for ridge tilling
  • 92 tines, 50 x 12 mm each, with hard-wearing tips
  • Spring loaded housing for less soil sticking
  • "Walterscheid" drive shaft P700 with cam shut down coupling, 20 grooves
  • Gearbox, 350 rpm, twin drive for max. 325 HP
  • Side gearbox with spur gears in it´s own housing
  • Three-point linkage Cat. 3
  • 4 infinitely height adjustable support wheels for depth control
  • Shaping board for bulbous ridges
  • Shaping board pressure adjustment via springs
  • Shaping board levelling adjustable via spindle

Technical data

GF 600

Length fix / foldable 2350 / 2600 mm
Width fix / foldable 4820 / 4820 mm
Height fix / foldable 1450 / 1450 mm
Empty weight fix / foldable 2950 / 3600 kg
Working width  
Working width 4,50 m
Number of rows 6
Row width 75 cm
Tractor attachment  
Lower linkage category with fixed mounting frame 3 Cat.
Lower linkage category with foldable mounting frame 3 Cat.
Input speed p.t.o.-shaft 1000 rpm
Rotor speed 350 rpm
Soil cultivation  
Tine rotor diameter 740 mm
Number of tines  
Rotary hiller 92
For full-width setup 164
Tractor requirements  
Engine power (min.) 160 kW

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