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Control Systems - ISOBUS operator terminals | CCI 50

certified ISOBUS-capable operator terminal, touch-screen, expandable with CCI.Apps and various GRIMME operator units

The robust CCI 50 operator terminal with an anti-glare touch display (5.6") and membrane keys is manufacturer independent useable. The ISOBUS compatible terminal is used in addition to the tractor terminals to control the machine. Special features of the CCI 50 are the option to extend the terminal with a task controller for order management and documentation as well as the automatic Section Control.

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  • Universal use for GRIMME machines or machines of other manufacturers
  • Full ISOBUS-functionality
  • Rotary potentiometer for efficient reference value feeding of various functions
  • 5.6" colour display with intuitive touchscreen operation
  • Additional 12 robust membrane keys to ensure good operation also in rough terrains
  • Automatic display lighting adaption via sensor, protects the driver from being dazzled in the dark
  • "Switch key" for quick change between CCI.Apps and machine operation
  • MiniView display to see the machine operation and Section Control at a glance
  • Extendable with operating units as for example GBX 860 or multi-functional lever for quick access functions (e.g. axle steering or drawbar adjustment)
  • Expandable with various apps as Section Control (CCI.Command), operating material saving, e.g. for plants or seed or fertiliser
  • For more information of the CCI.Apps please click here
  • Comprehensive diagnostics function


You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Large, anti-glare colour display (5.6") with touchscreen operation
  • ISOBUS-capable
  • Machine operation via 12 robust membrane keys
  • 4 membrane keys to operate the terminal (on/off, menu keys and so on)
  • Automatic display lighting adaption via sensor
  • Rotary potentiometer for accurate reference value feeding
  • USB interface
  • Emergency stop

Technical data

CCI 50

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