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Control Systems - ISOBUS Multi-functional lever | ISOBUS Multi-functional lever

Ergonomically designed ISOBUS-compatible operator device with two motion axis

The GRIMME ISOBUS multi-functional lever ensures individual and user-friendly operation of any ISOBUS-compatible machine that supports ISOBUS AUX-N. Depending on individual requirements, the operator is free to assign the keys and the X- and Y- axes of the multi-functional lever on three levels. The levels are switched conveniently via two keys on the back of the multifunction lever. The multi-functional lever supports ISOBUS AUX functions type 2, 3, 4 and 13. This enables it to be used on many ISOBUS-compatible agricultural machines across all manufacturers. The connection is made via the so-called ISOBUS InCab-connector in the tractor cab.


  • Compatible to all machinary which is operable by ISOBUS technology, providing an AUX-N connection.
  • Free and individual key assignment.
  • Comfortable expansion of the machine operation.
  • Ergonomical, sensitive joystick operation to control the machine functions.
  • Precise and comfortable operation of functions as steering axle or drawbar e.g.
  • The function assignment of the multi-functional lever can be shown on the main operator terminal.
  • Up to 39 functions available.

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • X-axis and Y-axis
  • 9 keys
  • Two keys for switching between the operating levels.
  • Three operating levels.
  • Connection via ISOBUS InCab-Connector

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ISOBUS Multi-functional lever

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