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Control Systems - ErgoDrive operating concept | ErgoDrive

Ergonomic and intuitive operating concept for self-propelled harvester, individual programmable

ErgoDrive is the intuitive operating concept for self-propelled potato and beet harvester with exhaust emission standard stage IV motor unit Up to 77 various settings and individual programmable possible via ErgoDrive in the arm rest. All functions shown on two CCI operator terminals in a known way. Quick access to configured functions on membrane key in the armrest, joystick and rotary potentiometer thus avoids distracting searching on the operator terminal. A quick software adaption via direct access in the armrest is possible. The settings are displayed in the armrest. It is possible to store the functions on several levels, to keep the machine operation as simple as possible. At the moment ErgoDrive is available for the VARITRON 270 Platinum, the VARITRON 270 Platinum TERRA TRAC, the VARITRON 470, the VARITRON 470 Platinum TERRA TRAC, the REXOR 620, the MAXTRON 620 and the REXOR 630, 830 and 930 (only for EU-specifications).


  • Direct access of all machine functions
  • Searching in control terminal becomes void
  • Quick changing to the required level depending on the actual job (digging, unloading etc.)
  • Up to 77 various settings are possible in the arm rest
  • Intuitive and ergonomic arrangement of the control elements for a comfortable access even on long working days
  • Customisable settings and machine control → adapt the machine to your requirements and not the other way around
  • You can keep an eye on the machine whilst changing a setting

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Multi-functional lever with
    • 2 axles
    • 6 buttons and
    • 3 analog rocker switch
  • 2 main drive switches
  • offset-steering setting via rotary knob
  • Analog joystick with automatic functions activation
  • Automatic steering and cruise control buttons
  • 4 rotary knobs for nominal value adjustment on 3 levels
  • Road travel switch
  • Potato technology: 1 x operator terminal CCI 100 and 1 x operator terminal VT 50
  • Beet technology: 2x operator terminal CCI 100

Technical data