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Control Systems - ISOBUS control boxes | CCI A10

ISOBUS control box with free programmable buttons

The CCI A10 AUX control box is an auxiliary ISOBUS operator unit. GRIMME uses this control box on trailed harvesters with NonstopBunker. The control box, type CCI A10 AUX, is equipped with the ISOBUS AUX-N interface as standard. The CCI A10 supports the ISOBUS AUX functions "type 2" (membrane keys) and "type 13" (analog joysticks). This enables it to be used on many ISOBUS-compatible agricultural machines across all manufacturers. The function assignment is freely configurable. The connection is made via the so-called ISOBUS InCab-connector in the tractor cab.


  • Universal use for GRIMME machines and machines of other manufacturers
  • Compatible to all machinary which is operable by ISOBUS technology, providing an AUX-N connection.
  • Every function is freely configurable.
  • Integrated loudspeaker for acoustic warning or function confirmation.
  • Comfortable expansion of the machine operation.

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You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • 3x joysticks with X- and Y- axis
  • 9x membrane keys
  • Connection via ISOBUS InCab-Connector

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Tractor requirements  
ISOBUS InCab-plug x