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Control Systems - ISOBUS operator terminals | CCI 1200

ISOBUS operator terminal, 12.1 inch, display layout with 2 large windows and 4 Miniviews

The ISOBUS operator terminal CCI 1200 has a screen of 12.1 inch and an intuitive MultiTouch operation like a tablet or a smartphone. The layout of the screen can be arranged individually in portrait or landscape format as well as in MaxiView. The operator terminal thus offers a flexible layout for adaptation to the specific requirements. By integrating two so-called "Universal Terminals (UT)", two machines which are operated by ISOBUS-technology can be displayed and operated simultaneously. Apps for automatic Section Control and variable Rate Control ensure precise application. The unique help system provides the driver with information about the currently selected function.

Video: Data exchange with agrirouter.

Video: Potato harvest with live transmission of yield data (in German language).


  • Variable layout of the display
    • With its 12.1" widescreen display, the CCI 1200 offers plenty of space for simultaneous display of multiple applications. Thanks to the narrow frame, it can be fixed compactly in the cabin.
    • Screen layout with a simultaneous display of 2 large windows and 4 so called Miniviews, e.g. for operating the machine and displaying the feature of Section Control.
    • The operator terminal can be used in portrait and landscape format
    • The layout of the different views on the display can be arranged individually
    • The view in MaxiView-mode enables: Enlarged view with large icons
  • MultiTouch-Operation:
    • The operator terminal can be handled like a tablet or a smartphone.
    • Newly designed operating concept and new navigation like a tablet.
    • The map view of Section Control provides a zoom-in feature
    • Several functions can be activated simultaneously by touch operation.
    • Navigation with quick changes between CCI.Apps and machine operation
  • 2x ISOBUS Universal Terminal (UT)
    • Two ISOBUS-compatible machines can be displayed and operated simultaneously.
  • AUX-N feature (ISOBUS multi-functional lever, ISOBUS control box or joystick of the tractor)
  • The precision of GPS
    • Section Control: GPS-assisted Section Control
    • Tramline Control: "Tramline Control" switches the spraying tracks automatically, using the GPS position.
    • Variable Rate Control: Site specific farming
    • Machinery task editing: Interface between machine and Farm Management System (FMS)
  • Integrated help system
    • The unique help system provides the driver with information about the currently selected function.
    • Using graphics and texts important functions are explained, whenever the driver needs them.
  • agrirouter
    • Manufacturer-independent data exchange
  • For the transfer of application maps and tasks, the operator terminal can be conveniently connected to agrirouter via Internet.

Images / video clips


You'll find all the information about the standard features of the machine here.


  • Display size 12 inches
  • MultiTouch-Operation
  • 2x ISOBUS Universal Terminal (UT)
  • Display layout with 2 large windows and 4 so called MiniViews simultaneously
  • Automatic display lighting adaption via sensor
  • 2x USB-interface
  • Interfaces for i.e. one camera, GPS-receiver, etc.
  • Certified ISOBUS operator terminal
  • Integrated help system
  • Expandable with various apps, such as Section Control (CCI.Command)

Technical data

CCI 1200

Width 312 mm
Height 213 mm
Depth 66 mm
Display size 12,1 "
Tractor requirements  
ISOBUS InCab-plug x

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