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Assistance systems - GRIMME Video Systems | ProCam

Video system to monitor the machine sides

The two rear cameras are displayed on one monitor in the machine. The driver sees the along the machine from the rear and has a better control at narrow passages as field entrance, at clamps or during manoeuvres. Monitoring in realtime imaging and undistorted. In connection with the GRIMME video system objects do not disappear from the monitor. The driver has everything in view all the time. ProCam is available for the MAXTRON and REXOR machines.

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  • Optimum monitoring around the machine
  • Display of blind areas
  • Undistorted pictures
  • Objects do not disappear from the monitor in conjunction with the rear camera of the GRIMME video system
  • Clear colour display
  • Improved overviews in narrow field entrances
  • Improved control of the machine in the field and at the clamp
  • Optimized control of the machine surrounding by the drive
  • Enables a view rear of the unloading elevator

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