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Assistance systems - Speedtronic | Speedtronic for EVO and SE series

automatic speed control of main webs and separators, depending on the degree of utilisation

Speedtronic is a load dependant and fully automatic speed control system for the separators in SE harvesters. The speed is automatically adjusted, depending on the respective digging conditions. The machine reacts to the degree of its utilisation, which is measured continously This leads to an improved crop protection, higher output and reduced control efforts for the driver. Speedtronic is available for SE 75-55, SE 260 and SE 150-60.


  • load dependent speed control of separators
  • Automatic adjusted to digging conditions
  • When there is an increased risk of the first separator blocking up, the device automatically increases the speed.
  • improved "automatic" crop protection, higher output and reduced operator input required.

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