GRIMME United Kingdom

Planned Maintenance Schedules


As machines become more technical, with complicated hydraulics and electronics, our dealer network realises the importance to offer our customers opportunities to use a structured maintenance policy for their GRIMME equipment servicing.

Years of experience has proven that annual, pre-season servicing can greatly improve the reliability of soil engaging equipment, by eliminating the minor and frustrating breakdowns they can experience. Other benefits include that any underlying and potentially serious issues are identified before they develop into a major machine failure that can potentially save thousands of pounds in repair costs and downtime. Many of the field repairs that our dealers perform during the season would have been prevented by using a pre-season maintenance policy.

All our dealers employ experienced technicians who are highly trained on our machines, and using their experience can quickly identify Mechanical problems and issues with Hydraulic and Electrical systems both infield and during routine service work.

GRIMME maintenance policies can range from having your machines simply fully appraised out of season, appraised and serviced by an expert who knows your machine inside out, having a harvester hydraulic check to carrying out specific technical repairs or even re-specifications to older machines.

Contact your local GRIMME dealer to discuss a GRIMME Maintenance Policy, structured to suit your business, and take advantage of their knowledge, commitment and special offers that are tailored to your harvesting success.

GRIMME Planned Maintenance - Cost-Effective Reliability for your Business.