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MultiSep - Innovation Beyond the Spiral


Our unique PU spiral segments and contra rotating plain rubber rollers are at the heart of our MultiSep system. It is these designs that are now trusted by thousands of users worldwide to safely harvest their valuable crops.

An idea that began back in 1995, it took GRIMME nearly 4 years and an investment of over £1.2 million to develop the perfect, innovative segments.

To create a perfect segment, one that cleans the crops thoroughly while remaining gently to tubers and being tough enough to withstand abrasive conditions is no simple matter. GRIMME actually tested 10 different designs before finding the ideal solution:

  • One Piece Injection Moulding: High pressure injection into a single mould means there are no rough edges to damage crops, and no material joins, air pockets or deformation to weaken the structure.
  • Unique Spiral Support: The internal support in spiralled to follow the external extracting lip exactly. This maintains an even pressure on the extracting lip at all times.
  • Cushion: Every extracting lip is allowed to compress during work thanks to the pocketed design deep withing the segment.This pocket provides different levels of support and compression to the extracting lip depending on segment choice and soil type, allowing optimum separation during work at all times.

GRIMME only produce genuine replacement PU segments for our own machines, using the very highest quality materials. This allows us to produce a segment to our own specification and ensures our customers benefit from our innovation, full parts warranty and lowest overall cost.

See the Multisep in action on this GT170 video below. 


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