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Mounted Hose Winder

Our Hose Winder Reel has been designed to lay out and collect long lengths of layflat hose with each drum holding up to 600m of 5" layflat hose. The drums are quick release and can be changed in under 2 minutes allowing for much longer lengths to be neatly stored when not in use.

The drum speed is controlled hydraulically from the tractor and an automatic safety shut off helps prevent the hose from becoming layed unevenly. A hydraulically controlled guidence arm allows the operator to maximise the amount of hose held on the drum when winding and also has the benefit of allowing exact placement of the hose during the laying out of new hose runs.

Layflat Hose *Contact us now for Special Prices on Oroflex Layflat Hose*

A selection of quality Layflat Hose is available from stock at our Retail Outlets at Swineshead, Shrewsbury, York and Fife, and can be supplied with or without your choice of end couplings to suit popular manufacturers including Bauer, Wright Rain and Storz. Please remember when ordering layflat hose there are many different grades on the market, and here at GRIMME we only recommend hose that has been designed to provide many years of service.

Becoming more popular is the option of using set lenghts of layflat hose to replace awkward aluminium pipes on field headlands and boundaries. Popular lengths are 36 or 72 metres, though can be adapted to suit most customers tramline widths. Not only does using layflat save time laying and collecting pipework but avoids the frustrating leaks every 6 or 9 metres down the field. For more details on this system of water movement, please contact your local retail Parts Department.