GRIMME United Kingdom

GRIMME High Performance Water Pumps


Our range of high performing, reliable water pumps offer the perfect cost-effective solution for high output water transfer.

A standard 126HP Iveco, 4-cylinder turbocharged engine is housed within a super silent acoustic cabinet mounted on top of a 1750L diesel fuel tank. This fully bunded and baffled tank makes up the main section of the chassis with large tyres making transport to and from the water source simple and smooth.

A choice of two Caprari pumps are available, the MEC 80/4-3A or the larger MEC 100/2A which will comfortably handle two large, high flow reels. Priming is achieved by a semi-automatic suction primer with a fully automatic system available with the optional telephone control system.

The standard control panel is a tried and tested unit that reliably monitors all engine parameters as well as water flows and emergency shutdown in the case of a sudden engine fault. The control panel is a simple to operate unit which encompasses the familiar Murphy style high/low-pressure gauge and has a 'reservoir fill' function to allow for winter filling of reservoirs.

Added security features of the unit include lockable doors which are also wide opening to allow for easy servicing and a removable drawbar.