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GRIMME Monsun Hose Reel


Our Monsun range of Irrigation Reels provide customers with a premium quality hose reel built to be strong, reliable and robust with precision engineered components, to ensure low maintenance and low operating costs in the field.

Drive is from a heavy duty, high flow cast steel turbine driving a powerful 1500nm gearbox, which in turn drives the drum via a chain drive system on the rim of the drum.

A main feature of the Monsun range is the long life, 125mm diameter Egoplast PE hose, offering significantly lower pressure loss characteristics compared to a 110mm hose without the need to reduce the overall hose length. This is a problem often encountered when hose lengths exceed 600m. Variable hose wall thickness is also a positive innovation, with the hose wall thickness being increased nearer the drum to prevent hose stretch on long, high drag pulls.

Monsun reels are available in 9 different sizes, ranging from the smallest 125/470m model, increasing in size up to the impressive 125/750m designed for the largest growers.

Full hydraulic controls are standard on Monsun reels, along with a twin axle chassis with flotation tyres, an extra wide, heavy duty scroll casing and hose guide frame, layflat hose storage winder reel and road lights.

Options include braked axles, steering rear axle and telephonic control.

To provide customers with full piece of mind, all Monsun and Primus hose reels come with a full GRIMME 2 year parts warranty covering all major components against manufacturing defects.