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HarvestEye™ is a UK patented technology that provides insight on size, count and crop variation on unwashed potatoes as they are harvested. The integrated data analytics shows precisely what is being lifted and from where in the field. Providing greater field level information than conventional sampling: this insight will help maximise marketable yield and reduce crop imbalance.

HarvestEye’s non-destructive technology which accurately measures size, count and crop variation, giving instant insight on marketable yield which means you can get the best price for your harvest.

 Key Features -

  • Integrated camera technology with sophisticated computer algorithms
  • Can be retrofitted to existing harvester systems
  • Live information during harvest as the crop is lifted from the field
  • No requirement for additional processes i.e. washing
  • Starting technology for exciting future developments

As a commercial product HarvestEye™ will be manufactured and supported by HarvestEye Ltd. An exclusive partnership arrangement enables GRIMME to be the sole UK distributor for HarvestEye™ for both new and existing harvesters and farm graders.

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