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Chafer & Horstine


Chafer Machinery Ltd are specialist manufacturers of spraying equipment. The AS120 Mounted Sprayer has been developed for GRIMME UK, and offers customers complete control over applying Amistar or similar products into the potato row during planting safely and accurately.

GRIMME UK also supply and support Chafer's range of Liquid and Granular Fertiliser Applicators. These advanced systems deliver nutrients to where they are required with absolute precision and control.

Horstine is a world leader in the design and manufacture of highly accurate equipment for the application of granular pesticides. We recommend the use of Horstine products for the application of Granular Pesticides, for example Vydate or other similar products.

Our retail outlets at Swineshead, Shrewsbury, York and Fife are main dealers for these products, and offer a full aftersales service for existing machines in the field.

 GRIMME AS120 Amistar Sprayer

 Horstine Application Information