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At the 2017 Agritechnica GRIMME presented the new and unique myGRIMME customer portal, an internet portal for final customers ...

At the 2017 Agritechnica GRIMME presented the new and unique myGRIMME customer portal, an internet portal for final customers where all GRIMME machines can be clearly managed. In addition, telemetry data can be called up and the customer receives access to the online configurator and used machine portal. In the next stage of expansion, extensive further and new developments have been included.

To show the user all advantages at a glance, the optics has been improved. 

The "myJobs" module has undergone significant further development. Among them is the clear and powerful order management, in which all machine and telemetry data from the GRIMME machines are displayed. Because the system can distinguish between road and field travel, jobs are automatically generated in which all required information is stored. This eliminates the manual creation of jobs and saves the driver, scheduler, etc. a lot of time and effort, and provides a basis for order billing.

Map display is now possible in live mode, allowing the user to view current machine data such as hectare output and diesel consumption. After completion of a job, the user can use the analysis to display and evaluate all important parameters of the entire job, such as process time, diesel consumption and hectare output.

From 2019, the machines of the new EVO series will also be equipped with a standard telemetry unit in addition to the self-propelled machines. The "myJobs" module is already available to the user as a beta version.

Furthermore is myGRIMME "agrirouter ready", so that an immediate connectivity with the release of the agrirouter by the operator DKE from Osnabrück is given. The release is planned for the first quarter in 2019.

In the module "GRIMME Original Parts" the functions part identification and part availability check have been added. Instead of having to search through extensive spare parts lists, the user is shown exactly the parts that are installed in the machine. This saves a lot of time and effort. In the next expansion stage, a shopping basket function with payment options such as PayPal etc. will be integrated in 2019 in order to further optimize the spare parts procurement process.

These new functionalities under "GRIMME Original Parts" will initially be offered in Germany and then extended to other European countries.

The use of myGRIMME is free of charge for the customers. The myGRIMME portal can be used with any modern browser-enabled PC, tablet or smartphone.

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