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At the core of which is a digital machine file, where all the machine specific information is saved.

At the Agritechnica 2017 GRIMME will present the new final customer portal myGRIMME for the first time. At the core of which is a digital machine file, where all the machine specific information is saved. These include the specific equipment features of the machine, and the corresponding operating instructions and spare parts list. As well as this, maintenance instructions and required updates are clearly displayed. Thanks to this, the customer always has a complete overview over their GRIMME machine. This system is fitted to machines built from 2011 onwards, meaning the user is no longer required to enter any information manually. As a result, the long and costly searches for the right documents and information are now a thing of the past.

But myGRIMME can do even more. Machines with specialised GPS boxes are displayed clearly on google maps. Therefore the owner can not only track the location of the machine, but its exact movements in the field. It can be turned online or offline as the customer desires. With the location tracker, the owner can highlight a specific area of land which the machine should not leave for a designated period of time. Should the machine leave this area, the owner gets sent a notification. This means any unexpected behaviour is quickly noticed, as well aiding with theft protection.

The user is also given direct access to the GRIMME used machine portal as well as the online configurator. These services are incorporated in the next stages of development so that the owner continues to reap the benefits of the portal. Registering for myGRIMME is free. Of course the owner of the portal has control over the data, and can activate or deactivate services as they desire. Needless to say we adhere to all the strict data protection guidelines.

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