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Handling equipment


The new SL 716 is top of the range in its class, it is 16.1 m long and has a belt width of 65 cm.

For more than 18 years GRIMME has offered powerful and robust Store Loaders starting at 12 m to 22 m in length with electro-hydraulic drive. Depending on the customer requirements they are either available with 65 or 80 cm wide belts. The NEW SL 716 is top of the range in its class, it's 16.1 m long and has a belt width of 65 cm. The noticeable design makes the new generation stand out.

The GBX 820 box allows an exact and simple operation of all Store loader functions. And a robust radio remote control is available as an option. Another option is the Flow Control which allows the operator to easily start and stop the whole line. For a higher output it is possible to increase the belt speed from 85 m/min to a maximum of 120 m/min (e.g. for grain). Both sides are chain driven to ensure an even extension (9.8 to 16.1 meter) and avoids tilting. The belt always runs straight which prevents any unnecessary wearing.

Both side wheels are driven to ensure a constant swivelling and therefore an even store filling. The new large wheels drive over small bumps without any problems. As standard the swivelling control is fitted at the head end and can also be fitted to the chassis as an option. The Store loader comes with automatic swivelling as standard. The SL Control is available as an option, next to the swivelling control an additional automatic retracting and extension of the Store loader, depending on the loading height.

To easily change from drive into swivelling operation a hydraulic steering option is available. The drawbar can easily be swung out of the way, so you don't need to remove it. The counter weights are fitted at the sides to avoid soil bridging under the conveyor. Additional rubber strips are fitted to stop the crop rolling back.

Two powerful LED lights are available as an option. A certified food safe hydraulic oil is also available as an option.

With 10 different options available, GRIMME offers the widest range of store loaders.