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GRIMME Bike Tour 2018

GRIMME Bike Tour 2018


From 14th to 16th June 2018bicycle tour from GRIMME Scandinavia in Jutland (Danmark) to the GRIMME in Damme (Germany) will be carried out for a good cause.

More than 30 international colleagues from different companies of the GRIMME Group are biking a 600 km long tour for the good cause. The team consists of "bikers" from the GRIMME Landmaschinenfabrik, the manufacturer for webs and conveying equipment RICON (both from Germany), the vegetable specialist ASA-LIFT (Denmark), the sales and service company GRIMME Scandinavia and other friendly partners (from Denmark and Norway). The tour leads from GRIMME Scandinavia in Rødkærsbro (Denmark) to Tønder on the German/Danish border, further to Glücksstadt (Germany) and finally after three days to the factory in Damme (Germany). On the way the bikers stop at partners and customers.

The tour has taken place annually since 2014. As last year, attention is paid to the topic of cancer. Donations will support cancer organizations in Denmark and Germany. For Germany, the team is cycling for the association "Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Vechta e.V.“.

The amount raised is to be used for leisure trips to help cancer patients. The families are relieved of their daily duties and opportunities are to be created to switch off and "recharge for new power". Current impressions are shared via facebook (LINK).

This year, an extended family trip to Neuharlingersiel (Germany) already took place on May 1st. With over 85 participants in a beautiful youth hostel, the children and parents were offered a great program. They had the chance for canoeing, archery, a bicycle tour, geocaching, a children's disco and so called "stick bread" by the campfire. The association has also celebrated its 30th anniversary this year and has planned for this reason a particularly trip: The young people are invited for a weekend to Varel/Zetel, close to the river Weser. Curling and stand-up paddling, grilling and chilling around the campfire are planned. The young people will have a lot of time to exchange ideas. Furthermore, the affected mothers are invited to Osnabrück for a tour of their own. The fathers travel to Bremen to the aircraft manufacturer Airbus. This is very important and helps the parents concerned very much. 

You have until July, 31 to donate to this brilliant cause and are extremely grateful for any donations. Please feel free to give donations into our boxes at GRIMME (Damme) or directly to the account of the „Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Vechta e.V.“, (translated "Help for children suffering from cancer", donation receipts can be obtained here from 50 €). 

IBAN: DE57 2806 4179 0222 9994 00


In August we will inform you about the achieved donation result and will thank the supporters.

Thank you for your kind support!


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