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Spring technology

Spring technology


GRIMME has combined two proven systems with the new two-row mounted potato planter GL 32 E and a fertiliser box.

The combination of different tasks when planting is essential to optimise output and reduce costs. Furthermore the reduction of ground compaction and the amount of tractor passes play an increasing role. Potato planters are combined with fertiliser boxes during the planting process for under-root fertilisation.

For the first-time GRIMME has integrate 2 fertiliser boxes with an 80 litre capacity on a two-row potato planter and has not exceed the maximum lifting force of a 45 HP tractor. That is especially important for the export markets, as this tractor size is used in many countries. A lid and sieving unit is available to protect the valuable fertiliser against weather conditions and prevents the build up of clumps. Depending on the planting method it is possible to apply the fertiliser to the centre or to the side of the row. Proven augers are fitted to the large fertiliser boxes to control the dosage.

For those users who want to grow small potatoes the GL 32 E is now available with a planting distance between 8 and 28 cm. Furthermore the planting distance between 13 and 45 cm is still available.

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