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SL 700 and SL 900

SL 700 and SL 900


For the 2022 season, GRIMME presents the completely newly developed store loaders of the SL 900 and SL 700 series, ...

For the 2022 season, GRIMME presents the completely newly developed store loaders of the SL 900 and SL 700 series, which combine the highest throughput rates with optimum crop protection and user-friendly operation. The store loaders can be used to store potatoes, onions, red beet, celery and other bulk goods, among other things.

SL 900 series - The new excellence class
The new SL 900 series represents the advanced development of the proven SL 80 series. Compared to the previous model, the belt width has been increased from 800 mm to 900 mm. The trough shape of the conveyor belt has also been optimised with regard to the conveying cross-section. This means that even higher throughputs can be achieved.
Alternatively, a reduced belt speed can be used for smaller throughput quantities, which has a positive effect on crop protection. The SL 900 series includes two models, the SL 916 with conveying lengths from 9.7 m to 16.5 m and the SL 919 with conveying lengths from 11.2 m to 19.5 m. As an option, the "Quantum feeding conveyor" is available for both models, which ensures a constantly low drop height, regardless of the swivel angle of the store loader. Moreover, the Quantum feeding conveyor enables larger swivel widths of up to 180° and an increased storage performance through optimised crop flow. The Quantum feeding conveyor increases the conveying length of the SL 916 to 17.7 m, resp. to 20.7 m when the SL 919 is in use.

The SL 916 with the new 900 mm wide conveyor belt.

SL 700 series - With Quantum in-feed conveyor and intelligent potato store filling functions
The new SL 700 series of store loaders are equipped with a 66 cm wide and 16.5 m long conveyor belt. This machine can also be equipped with the optional available Quantum in-feed conveyor. This means that a maximum conveying length of 17.7 m can be realised. Like the SL 900 series, the SL 700 series now also has the new store house filling functions and a new, intuitive operation.

The SL 716 Quantum is the first store loader of this machine class with the GRIMME Quantum infeed conveyor.

More convenience thanks to new store filling functions
With the new warehouse fillers, two new store filling functions are available:

With this store filling function, the change of the swivelling direction takes place as soon as the optical sensors on the chassis detect the freely positionable limiting tables. For an even height of the crop when bulk storing, the pause time in the corners can be adjusted manually.

The optionally available StoreMatic-PLUS filling function is able to detect store walls or obstacles with the help of ultrasonic sensors at the upper end of the conveyor. In addition, the automatic system detects inconsistent heights when loading the crop and levels them out by reducing the swivelling speed. Alternatively, the store loader can automatically retract the telescopic conveyor belt at the reversal points or lift it independently.

"Flow Control" line control is available for all machines in the storage technology. Using this feature, the operator switches the entire storage line on and off in a defined, controlled sequence. The most important machine functions of the store loader can be controlled via the optional radio remote control.

Compact machine design
The new generation of store loaders immediately catches the eye with its open and slim machine design with the counterweights arranged on the sides of the chassis. This reduces the build-up of soil and dirt on the chassis and significantly increases accessibility for maintenance work. The drawbar can easily be swung out of the way, so you don't need to remove it. The standard, hydraulic changeover between transport and swivel position is conveniently carried out via the control box.

The new, open chassis reduces the build-up of soil and dirt.