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BeetEurope - Betteravenier

BeetEurope - Betteravenier


Over 1,600 HP on the field, the self-propelled harvester from Grimme at the Beet Europe.

October 26 and 27 Grimme will present several interesting further developments of the beet technology at the Betteravenir (Beet Europe) in France. The self-propelled beet harvester of the MAXTRON and REXOR series are equipped with the latest Mercedes-Benz motor generation (exhaust emission standard stage IV) and the AdBlue exhaust after-treatment. The MAXTRON 620 and REXOR 620 come with the new 530 HP engine replacing the old 490 HP engine. The flagship REXOR 630 with the large 30 ton bunker is on tour with 625 HP.

All three models are demonstrating at the Beet Europe either with the well known Oppel wheels or the new walking share intake. In combination either with the FM front mulcher technology or the traditional steel flail shafts as well as the innovative multi topper combined with the minimal scalper the machines will give an impressive overview about the whole range of the Grimme defoliating and digging technology in the field.

The new ErgoDrive operating concept is fitted in all cabs to give the driver a quick, freely programmable direct access via buttons or the multi-function joy stick. Two high-resolution CCI 100 terminals are intergrated as well. And the very bright LED working lights turn night into day.

The REXOR 630 as well as the MAXTRON 620 come with the new digital ProCam monitoring system. This includes two high quality wide angle cameras and a high resolution monitor with split-screen function. The traditional systems give the driver a view to the rear of the machine but not to the side areas. Which might cause danger to people or surrounding objects. But the ProCam monitoring system provides an optimum panoramic view around the big machine.

As additional relief for the driver and for improved gentle crop handling a new automatic throughput- and torque-dependent turbine speed regulation "Speedtronic" is available. This system minimizes the speed for an improved gentle beet handling and minimizes the risk of blockings on the one hand and reacts very gentle during an intense cleaning to a changing crop flow without requiring manual adjustment on the other hand.

Both REXOR models come with an extended unloading elevator incl. an automacically controlled head end. It reduces the drop height of the first beets in a clamp, ensures an even crop flow during unloading into a trailer and minimizes the total height of the machine in working position, what especially is very useful under low overhead cables.

Grimme will present the new 18-row precision seeder MATRIX 1800 with equipment for mulch seeding and V-pressure roller. The automatic Section Control as well as Clever Planting is installed on the machine. It controls the automatic adaption of the planting distances next to the spraying tracks and therfore ensures an even growing of the plants.