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The agrirouter is online.

The web-based data exchange platform called "agrirouter" enables the exchange of data between machines and agricultural software from different manufacturers and suppliers. For farmers and contractors with mixed machinery from different manufacturers this has not been possible so far.

From February 22, 2019 every farmer or contractor is able to create a free account at and set up his own individual system of machinery and agricultural software solutions.

Connect your GRIMME machinery with agrirouter

All GRIMME self-propelled harvesters (from year of construction 2017) as well as selected models of trailed harvesters including the EVO 280 and EVO 290 (from 2019) will be equipped with a telemetry unit as standard, which will transmit machinery data and GPS data to the myGRIMME customer portal on request and connect it conveniently with the agrirouter.

Once the machine(s) are connected, the agrirouter allows the user to specify which machine and GPS data will be transmitted to different agricultural software such as a Farm Management Information System (FMIS).

Data exchange without agrirouter:

Data exchange with agrirouter:

Data integrity

The agrirouter does not store any data, it forwards it according to your specifications. The permanent storage of data does not occur here at all. The data transport, by use of a personalised agrirouter account, and the possible temporary storage (maximum up to 4 weeks) is encrypted. If you log on to your agrirouter with a PC, tablet or smartphone, you determine who may exchange data with whom, to what extent and for what period.

The servers, which are used for any data transmission are located in Germany, are secured and are subject to German law. The hard- and software components are certified and regularly tested. Of course the current data protection regulations are fulfilled.

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