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30th Annual CUPGRA Conference

30th Annual CUPGRA Conference


Cambridge University Potato Growers Research Association 30th Annual Cambridge Potato Conference.  

GRIMME is proud to be sponsoring the 30th Annual Cambridge Potato Conference with Cambridge University this year. This brilliant industry event takes place on 17th-18th December 2019 at Robinson College.

“SOLANI TVBEROSI NEGOTIORVM CORROBORATIO: Building resilience in potato businesses”

The unique technical potato conference which provides opportunity to join leading innovators, scientists and businesses to listen to and debate current issues and which attracts more than 220 industry members.  Day 1 includes papers on economics, business development, GM, sustainability, rotational resilience, future crop protection, consumer and storage requirements for fresh and crisping, followed by a forum on future sprout control in store.  Day 2 commences with six breakout, interactive, technical workshops and concludes with a presentation on seed certification, followed by two on vertical integration and big businesses in the USA.  There will be ample time for networking with industry leaders and fellow peers during each day and at the Potato Barons’ Banquet.


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