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At Agritechnica in 2017, GRIMME presented the new customer portal myGRIMME with several applications.

At Agritechnica in 2017, GRIMME presented the new customer portal myGRIMME with several applications. A digital machine file, location display on google maps®, theft protection and display of important process parameters are only a few of them.

With the new shop function in myGRIMME the user can easily identify GRIMME Original Parts and order these online. Instead of having to search through extensive spare parts lists, the user is shown exactly the parts that are installed in the machine. This also saves time and effort and eliminates the risk of selecting an unsuitable part. As next step the availability of the parts at the selected dealer are clearly represented by a colour display. The selected parts are transferred to a shopping basket and after completion of the order process the data will be transmitted to the dealer.

These new functionalities on the portal under "myGRIMME shop" will initially be offered in Germany and then extended to other European countries. With myGrimme shop the family owned company from Damme breaks new grounds for the agricultural technology and will of course continue to expand the portal.

The module "myJobs" also has been further developed, so that the system can independently distinguish between street and field mode and thus independently generate jobs. The manual data input is not necessary anymore. This saves valuable working time and minimizes potential errors. An automatic summary and display of process times and machine data has been implemented for the automatic detection of jobs. The user receives after a job completion a detailed overview including all important process parameter, as fuel consumption, time per working state and weather conditions for example. Additionally the lanes are marked in colours according to the work status. This generated data provides the user an optimum basis for order billing.

Another feature it the option to link myGRIMME to the universal data exchange platform agrirouter. So that machines and certified agricultural software can be connected across manufacturers The user links his myGRIMME account with the agrirouter and can define in the control centre which data should be exchanged.

The use of myGRIMME is free of charge for the customers and can be used with any modern browser-enabled PC, tablet or smartphone.