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Soil cultivation

Soil cultivation


GRIMME offers both two and four row vaieties in the new FA series.

Front mounted machines are used for the planting of potatoes to form perfect ridges without them being compressed by the tractors wheels. In order to reduce the number of passes by tractors over the soil, the front mounted device is used in tandem with a suitable planting machine.

GRIMME offers both two and four row vaieties in the new FA series. For both variants the tank system is available with 2 X 200 litre tanks. The operator can choose between manual, electrical or a speed controlled by the delivery rate.

For under-root fertilisation, the two row FA 200 can be fitted with a 650 litre 2.2 metre wide fertilizer bunker, which can comfortably be filled with a front loading bucket. In order to protect your expensive fertilizers from the rain, a folded tarpaulin is fitted as standard. The feed of the fertilizer from the bunker to the spreaders is completely locked, so that large lumps of fertilizer can not block the cooler etc. To save fertilirer, a manual single row spreading option is included. The flat design offers great driver visibility and road safety. The two trailed wheels in the bed former allow for perfect traction and therefore for accurate fe‏rtilizer deposits at all times. On request, a cage roller can be fitted for a conventional cultivation technique. A clear lubrication point is fitted as standard on the fertilizer spreader to allow for easy maintenance. The FA 200 can also be fitted with a fertilizer spreader and a tank system.

The improved geometry of the FA series means less lifting force is required from the front hydraulics. In addition, the bigger ridging bodies create improved ridge shapes.