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Carrot harvest technology - Share harvester | TRS - series

Trailed, up to 190 cm wide intake unit, elevator harvester, 2 main webs

The TRS-series models are trailed share harvester with intake width between 135 and 190 cm, two main webs and overloading elevator. High capacity machine ensuring high sieving output and gentle crop handling at the same time. It is possible to use the machine in "green" fields, but is recommended to cut of the haulm first. Some of the many advantages of this machine are the drop between the first and second main web which creates additional sieving. A large hedgehog web, which removes more soil and lose haulm. The open design of the machine enables a good visibility from the cab during the whole harvesting process. Additional various options available to customize the machine. For example a wheel drive is available, that the machine still can harvest under difficult conditions. A monitoring system allows good control from the tractor. Extras available to modify the machine for harvesting carrots, parsnips or red beet.

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